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Don’t open the doors!

"Don't open the doors!" is a claymation action adventure in an odd world of talking pumpkins, blue trees and stuff like that.

The city is in danger! The doors came out of nowhere. Everything near them began to talk and almost everything tried to eat you. Solving this problem is no sweat: you only have to find the Main super door and blast it with a super megabomb. As a real hero, you'll have to handle it yourself. However, everything is sure to go haywire!

Game features:

  • An open clayworld: explore it and face different challenges;

  • Odd, talking characters: conversations with mushrooms, bugs, pumpkins etc. will be your common practice;

  • A destructible environment: with a huge hammer in hand, you'll have no chance to be bored;

  • Traps, secrets, bosses. There are no tedious places behind the doors;

  • Out of pop corn gun ammo? Search for cornfields. Looking for a healing compote? Pick some berries!

  • Everything is made from plasticine. Over 8000 photos and an enormous number of editing hours. The game is entirely hand made!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's a commendable game by an indie developer, probably part-time. Kudos!
I find it quite difficult till later, thank goodness the game is quite forgiving. (Tip: Open the golden doors whenever you have enough keys, no need to wait)
It has some puzzles - you figure out the enemies' patterns.
- The aesthetics speaks for itself, and the dev's love for his game.
- I like my quirky NPCs. Special shout out to the friendly shroom showing concern for my well being.
- Gameplay is smooth. No slow-poke movement, slow loading screens or wonky hit boxes. This is not to be taken for granted :D
- Story is as quirky as the NPCs.
- PC QOL is missing. No key rebinding but you know, you can adjust to it because you are the human, not the game. Always accidentally blew myself up when I Shift-Tab into Steam overlay. No quick travels, fixed save spots, single save slot, all the console funs. They are things that I miss but can cope without.
- I encountered a game breaking bug 3/4 way into the game. Unable to progress further, I hesitated but in the end, I will recommend it as I saw people finished it. From what I did manage to play, it's a pretty good game. Whimsy.