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DonDon Busters!!

DonDon Busters!! is a local multiplayer game that brings you head to head with up to three other players in a chaotic and fun free-for-all!

Last one to remain standing on land is the winner; so blast everyone that isn't you out of bounds, and get ready to DonDon!!

If you need someone to Remote Play Together with, come join the Discord server! ABILITIES

Each DonDon has three battle abilities: the Panch, the Kick and the Balloomm!

Every ability has a counter, so make sure you are the one doing the winning move!BUILD YOUR POWER LEVELS

Each time you hit an opponent, your power level increases. However if you are hit yourself, all that power disappears.

Keep hitting without getting hit, and you will be powerful enough to send anyone flying!FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS

In many fighting games, pressing the right buttons to make the character do what you want can be difficult.

DonDon Busters!! is designed from the ground up to be easy to play and have fun with,

focusing on split-second decision making and mind games, rather than complicated button inputs.

The speed and action of the gameplay enables a high skill ceiling, while still remaining friendly to new players.FEATURES

*15 battle arenas across 5 different environments

*8 DonDon's to choose from to do battle

*Local coop play using one keyboard

*Controller support for DS4 and XBox 360 controllers

*Training mode with crazy DonDon that you can practice combos on
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game is fun, fastpaced, quick to pick up, but with an immediately evident potential for deep meta. It's a lot like smash bros, except that every character has the same moveset and a player loses their advantage the moment they get hit.
The artstyle and tone is remniscent of lighthearted nintendo games and the voice acting is guaranteed to crack you up. The music is pretty good too I guess.
Play with your friends or join the discord for online matchups.

Review from Steam

Fast paced. Easy to get hooked. Cool combos. Soundtrack slaps. Hiding strats. The whole nine yards ;)