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Dog Fight

Dog Fight

The ultimate couch party game. Battle head to head with up to 8 players (cooperatively or versus). Or test your skill against waves of ever amassing enemies.


- Up to 8 players local coop and via internet, LAN or locally

- Computer controlled opponents

- Multiple pickups to improve you combat effectiveness

- Multiple game modes including: invasion, tag team, team free for all, rabbit
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I recommend this game to anyone that has an interest in shooters like this game. It is very casual, fun, but still requires a bit of skill to play.
there are 4 modes: free for all, team free for all, chase the rabbit, and invasion.
In my opinion invasion mode is the bread and butter of the game. The objective is to fight waves of enemies and survive as long as you can. As you advance higher in waves, the enemy count and difficulty gets higher as well.
The gameplay in my opinion is pretty solid, i use a xbox1 controller, you fly automatically, there is no acceleration or stop button. The other button is to shoot. The skill part comes into play here in that your bullets travel slow, so you have to predict where your enemy might end up at and shoot in that direction. Or here is where the dog fight comes into play and you chase the enemy and shoot them from behind point blank-ish. Both ways are viable.
Another interesting mechanic is that you can fly off screen and end up on the opposite side, for example: you fly towards the left of the screen and then you end up on the right side. This brings in some tactical play because as you progress higher into the levels you will need to utilize this tactic.
There are occassional item drops as you play that grant you weapons and shields. So this gives you some variety in gameplay.
As for cons, the gameplay is a bit slow for my tastes, but is kind of necessary for a game like this. Would like it if there was an option to increase gameplay speed. Not much in the variety of weapon drops either, I would love to see more.
From a singleplayer standpoint it is a fun game, but can get boring, this is somewhat remedied with AI allies. This game was really meant for multiplayer because I can see a lot of fun and excitment with friends.
As for pricing, id say it is a bit high if youre playing by yourself, id wait for a future sale. But for multiplayer it is definitely worth the price.
overall game is very fun. I hope this review helps you decide.

Review from Steam

So rare to see a game game that has single player, LAN, and internet multiplayer. There doesn't seem to be any lag when playing with friends. Simple and addictive, reminds me of the first time I played asteroid. Multiple people can play from the same keyboard, or xbox 360 controller... it's guaranteed to fit you like a glove. Simple to learn, impossible to master, just like making love.

Review from Steam

i would recommend this game for those who enjoy casual chaos, great with friends for a laugh.

Review from Steam

Really cool game! Invasion is alot of fun and I cant wait to beat my mates at this game!

Review from Steam

FANTASTIC game! We all had a great time playing it. It allows for friendly competition and lots of fun! Good maps and great controls. It is a game for all ages.