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DiRT 4

The world’s leading off-road racing series is back! DiRT 4 puts you at the wheel of the most powerful machines ever made as you face the toughest roads and circuits on the planet in rally, rallycross & landrush. Revolutionary 'Your Stage' technology gives you millions of rally routes at the touch of a button in Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden & Wales. Drive over 50 of the most iconic rally vehicles ever made from the history of the sport. The official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship with races in France, Portugal, UK, Sweden & Norway. Race in Supercars, RX2, Super 1600s and Group B rallycross.
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👍Positive aspects
👎Negative aspects

You can control and customize your team.
Not good enough of a full-sim and not good enough for an arcade game.

Great simcade racing game.
Randomly generated tracks aren’t actually unique.

Great steering wheel support.
When your controller is low on power you will get terrible lag spikes.

Runs on low-end devices.

This review contains no spoilers.
DiRT 4 is the long awaited sequel to DiRT 3 which was in my opinion the best game in the arcade series. The game had average ratings by users back in 2017 because of some questionable gameplay decisions.
As mentioned, DiRT 4 is a rather bizarre non-sim game. Since the first game, it was well-known that these are simcades. That means that these games are more arcades than they are simulators. DiRT Rally dropped back in 2015 and was met with immense praise by both critics and the users. Codemasters probably wanted to continue that same rhythm on the casual game series which disappointed many fans of the series.
Driving mechanics
There are some lyrics in Earl Sweatshirt’s song “Chum” that perfectly describe the game.
” Too black for the white kids, and too white for the blacks.” -Earl Sweatshirt
I would say that this is the best phrase to describe the driving mechanics of this iteration.
DiRT 4 has copied the mechanics and style of DiRT Rally. It is a lot more unforgiving in almost every aspect of rally driving. There are no more real-time races where you can overtake your opponent. The race is isolated and strictly time attacks. The same issue exists in the online portion. You don’t have any party games like DiRT 3 had, traditional races are the norm now. Luckily, some of the gymkhana stunt races are still present and quite solid, as far as the fun they provide. Other than the steering being a lot less unassisted, I can confirm that the damage model and tire model of each vehicle/ class is sim-focused. If you hit a wall, there is a high chance that your radiator will be damaged, causing high engine temperatures.
I am a fan of this specific title, but I can understand that this series was always more of an arcade game instead of a full-sim.
Career mode
Here will be a small section, but this is an addition that I liked a lot. The whole facility addition was great. Someone can slowly progress and improve his team, crew, and facilities as well as your garage. While being in an event, you can upgrade parts of your vehicle and put your tunes on just like in every game before this one. You do have the ability to look around for a used rally car. I concluded that it doesn’t matter if the racecar is new or used, reliability is always the same. Lastly, the auto-generated tracks are good for just a couple of hours. After 30 hours I can confirm that most of the “generated” tracks are just recycling a variety of sections and turns.
There isn’t much of a story. You do get the usual F1 campaign. You are a driver that certainly tries to win every race that is authorized to him. There are no characters that play a major role within your storyline. When starting a competition, your primary opponent and his times will be presented at the beginning, that to me is the closest to a story focused opponent. Other than that you don’t really get anything resembling a story.
Even commentators are absent despite being a big part of every previous non-Rally DiRT game. They were adding an interesting dynamic, narrating the entire career of the player (you). That total flare and easy-going character are honestly absent in this game.
🌇Graphics / Audio
The game uses the ego engine. It is the same engine used in Colin McRae: Dirt, which was released back in 2007.
Visually we get nothing crazy, the game looks just like the previous games, which doesn't mean that it looks inferior. It perfectly captures the yellow-ish vibe of the rally stages. I did realize that smoke effects got nerfed a lot compared to the 2011 DiRT 3 release. The damage model is the same one used in the simulation-based DiRT games, which is easily one of the best visually.
Audio / Soundtrack
Sounds are above average, as you can hear the depth of each engine type. Your Co-driver sounds good as well. Loud and clear communication is a must when a roaring inline-five engine hits the rev limit.
The soundtrack is certainly one of the best if not the best in Codemasters game history, displaying some classic rock titles, as well as some well-known hits from the early 2010s.
In Game
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB Ram, Nvidia RTX 2070S:
I was running the game on Maxed out settings at 1080p at around 60 fps (Vsync).
In detail
Average framerate: 59.1 FPS
Minimum framerate: 57.7 FPS (loading)
Maximum framerate: 60.1 FPS
*My actual 144hz display has died. That is the reason of me using an old 60hz one.
Bugs / Glitches / Crashes
In almost 30 hours of hitting trees at 200km/h, I experienced some minor bugs. I luckily experienced no glitches or crashes which shows that this is a pretty stable game.
While using my Thrustmaster T150 I had no issues at all. But once my Xbox One controller was low on power, the game started lagging terribly.
DiRT 4 is a hidden gem that got undeserved hate. It was presented as a continuation of the arcade-based DiRT 3 game despite being a lot more simulation-focused, almost as much as the Rally series. If you are a fan of well-made racing games, then you're set. The game offers fun and rewarding gameplay, with challenging events and competitive CPU opponents. Visually and audio-wise, this game still holds up very well, showcasing the raw rally pictures to the extreme as well as pleasing your ears with a top-notch soundtrack. All of these positives outweigh the negatives of this game.
📉Overall rating: Good
The rating system I use.

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Medium left, medium leeeft, LEEEEEFT!
Samir, you are breaking the car!

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Review from Steam

Did not knew that driving alone could be so fun

Review from Steam

Dirt Rally 2.0 if you like sims, Dirt 4 if you like arcade.
Can't go wrong with either.

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im officially Samir.

Review from Steam

Still better than DiRT 5