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Desolus is an atmospheric puzzle game where you explore a city of Gothic architecture torn between universes. Solve puzzles by harnessing the power of black holes to move architecture through time. Travel through portals which to lead to alternate histories, and navigate impossible space. Witness a cataclysm which threatens to merge past with future, and help prevent a city's annihilation with ancient and forbidden technology.

Desolus has been awarded at numerous game festivals, including an exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, a nomination for 'Innovation in Art and Narrative' at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, and nominations for 'Excellence in Art' and 'Excellence in Music' at MAGFest.FEATURES
  • Explore a hauntingly beautiful city of immense interconnected Gothic architecture.

  • Solve surreal puzzles by manipulating black holes to send architecture through space and time.
  • Seamlessly travel through portals which connect multiple universes.
  • Help save a city from destruction, and discover the secrets of an ancient and forbidden technology.
  • Listen to an atmospheric original piano soundtrack created by Kyle Landry.

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