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In Depraved you are the leader of the pioneers in the Wild West. You are about to start your adventure in a procedurally generated world with only one carriage full of resources. Select a suitable place for your first settlement and procure building materials from mother nature or by trading to create a new home country for your residents. The happier your residents are, the faster your town will grow. Supply your residents with food and water, so that they won't starve or die of thirst. Protect them against the weather and against illnesses by supplying them with clothes and fire wood. You will have to face numerous dangers. Storms, illnesses and bandits will strike at you, and also your own residents can become a danger, if you do not meet their needs. Are you ready for this challenge? The residents of Drepraved have needs. Their basic needs are hunger and thirst which you can satisfy with food and water. In addition, every population type needs another food source. If your population type experiences a shortage of food and the preferential food is not available, you can nourish them with an alternative food source - however, this will affect the mood of your residents in a negative way. Unhappy residents commit raids and other criminal offenses or simply leave the town.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's a interesting game; however, some bugs do exist, but none that stopped the games progression. Buyer beware if you want to 100% the game as with the surviving 25 years achievement takes a few real life days to complete even with full time skip enabled.

Review from Steam

I thought I'd give this game a review, since it seems to be attracting both good and bad ones at the moment.
If you don't like quests and story-lines much, but enjoy a random generated map and sandbox style city building, you'll probably enjoy this. So far I've played it in easy mode, without bandits or aggressive animals, and often without native Americans too.
That ends me up with a whole world to myself, and I can set up as many towns as I like all over the map if I choose. It's a bit of a challenge supplying multiple towns with all their needs, and it's here that trading and transporting goods is necessary as one location is unlikely to provide all your needs. You will have to use the map to your advantage, to find the best locations to set up new towns.
Your pioneers will become settlers with the right goods and housing upgrades, and supplying them entails setting up tailors, weaving mills, sheep farms, crops, distilleries, bakeries and mills and the like. Later your settlers can be upgraded to merchants, with the addition of a few more goods, that you will need to make yourself or purchase.
It's interesting enough to keep you playing, easy to learn, and any fan of city builders will probably like it as much as I did.

Review from Steam

This is a solid city builder, enjoying it a bunch!
Not sure what bugs the bad reviews are talking about - they could have been squashed by devs, becuse I encountered nothing. All was smooth except for a bit tiny lag once, when rain effects were present. I am well into late game and so far everything is fine.
Game is quite fun, it has everything that makes a City builder tic, plus it is set in a unique setting.
Progression is rewarding, you quickly realize that you need to make thoughtful decisions or else you will go bankrupt...
Overall, good experience. Try it if you get the chance.

Review from Steam

Just from the little bit of time I played the game, it was enjoyable. Gray Still Plays was actually broadcasting the game & it caught my interest..