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Demon Runner The Forsaken

UPDATE: all packages associated with this product have been updated. For those of you who had trouble launching the product, I apologize. I hope the game will now launch properly and there are no more issues. Thank you for your feedback. - Blue Slayer Gaming.

Demon Runner: The Forsaken is a 2D side scrolling, platformer, metroidvania style game. It features 30 levels, 5 different difficulty settings, and 2 different endings. This game will challenge even some of the best speed runners and is a must have for those who seek a challenging game with secret areas.

Story: Varcasium passed away before his time and made a deal with the dark lord of the underworld. The deal was, if he can make it out of the Damascian Caverns, then he will be given a second chance at life. If he fails, then he will spend all eternity in the worst parts of the underworld. The dark lord agrees to this deal and Varcasium starts in the deepest parts of the caves. While there, he will need to collect soul and use the soul to free other entities that are trapped. These entities will grant you the abilities that are required to beat the game and find all of the secret areas.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game is frustratingly fun, and very challenging. It definitely helps kill the time and keeps you interested with all the upgrades you can get throughout the game. As much as I want to try my best to speedrun it, it's difficult because you can get extremely excited and all of the sudden fall to your death miscalculating a jump. i can play this game for hours and get all the enjoyment possible with what it was created for. definitely worth checking out

Review from Steam

I was having a blast with this game. Its fun and challenging, graphics are amazing, the overall game play is fun lot of the levels are unique.