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Deiland is a single-player adventure RPG with several sandbox elements, such as farming, crafting, and building. Put on the mantle of the Little Prince of Deiland and rule over your own planet! Tend Deiland Your planet is your home, turn it into a unique and special place. Improve your skills, craft tools, cook delicious food, brew potions, and create many more items that you can manage and trade. Enjoy the story 12 available characters and over 100 quests. Your little planet will attract lots of neighboring merchants wishing to trade materials and rare ingredients. Play and relax Smooth and cute graphics as well as a relaxing soundtrack to ease up the bustling everyday routine. Experience the nature's versatility in the form of storms, hurricane winds, Aurora Borealis, meteor showers, and shooting stars.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Eh... it's a game I guess.
It's not some robust sandbox, it's a kids game basically as it's very easy with lots of hand-holding the whole way through, most of what you do (including most craftable things) is just for some quest or another.
The visual theme of little worlds is fun, which is probably what brought most players (including me) into the game but sadly they only have 1 world like that, the other 2 worlds are only for a few more quests and shopping, so there isn't even a lot of exploration to be had here.
The combat is very basic, there isn't much of it, and magic seems like "what's the point?".
The leveling system is very basic and not very consequential, and there isn't much reason to replay this one once you finish it.
It is very charming, and I had some fun getting 100% of everything in 14 hours. Recommended for kids or very casual gamers.

Review from Steam

The game itself is okay...or maybe okayish. It's a kinda cute gathering/building game (not quite MC), and it has a story and progression.
That said, the story is nothing to write home about, really, and I fear it could've done with some proofreading.
Also, and this was the deal-breaker for me, it's surprising that in 2021 there are still games that make you buy/sell items ONE BY ONE.
"What's that? You collected 999 stone (by clicking 999 times in a row in front of a stone that never really breaks, cause holding the button to continuously mine is not a feature)? Sure, I'll buy them off you. Just click 999 times to sell them to me".
Sorry, I've already broken 2 mouses with that mechanic, and I'm not willing to break a third.
However, if those little things aren't major inconveniences for you, by all means go ahead. As I said, it's a cute story. Seems pretty obvious it's loosely based on the Little Prince story.

Review from Steam

A good relaxing game maaaaa

Review from Steam

๐Ÿ‘ชPlayer Bases:
โ˜‘ Kids.
โ˜‘ Everyone.
โ˜ Mature.
โ˜‘ Casual Players.
โ˜ Pro players.
โ˜ Potato.
โ˜ Bad.
โ˜ Average.
โ˜‘ Good.
๐Ÿ‘‰ The visuals are pretty, it's colourful and the sky is also nice
It also has a very nice artstyle
โ˜ Beautiful.
โ˜ Masterpiece.
โ˜ Terrible.
โ˜ Bad.
โ˜‘ Average.
โ˜ Good.
โ˜ Fantastic.
โ˜‘ Easy.
โ˜ Medium.
โ˜ Hard.
โ˜ Very Hard.
โ˜ Death March.
โŒ›Game length:
โ˜ Really Short. ( 0 - 3 hours)
โ˜ Short. ( 3 - 8 hours)
โ˜‘ Medium. ( 8 - 20 hours)
๐Ÿ‘‰ ~15h to complete the story, finish every given tasks and a few extra hours to unlock the remaining achievements.
โ˜ Long. ( 20 - 40 hours)
โ˜ Very Long ( 40 - 60 hours)
โ˜ Extremely Long (60+ hours)
โ˜ Endless
โ˜ It Doesn't Have One.
โ˜ Horrible.
โ˜ Bad.
โ˜‘ Average.
โ˜ Good.
โ˜ Fantastic.
โ˜‘ It Doesn't Have.
โ˜ Horrible.
โ˜‘ Bad.
๐Ÿ‘‰ At first the soundtrack was okay but there are so few it becomes repetitive and boring. The sound effects where also really bad, the same npc and monster noises.
โ˜ Average.
โ˜ Good.
โ˜ Amazing.
โ˜‘Not no longer for sale.
โ˜ Full Price.
โ˜ Refund It If You Can.
โ˜ Don't Buy It.
โ˜ Free.
โ˜‘ Minimum.
โ˜ Medium.
โ˜ Fast.
โ˜ Super Computer.
โ˜ Game Itself Is One Big BUG.
โ˜ Game Breaking Bugs.
โ˜‘ Lots of bugs.
โ˜ Few Bugs.
โ˜ Nothing.
โ˜ Terrible.
โ˜ Bad.
โ˜ Average.
โ˜‘ Good.
โ˜ Great.
โ˜ Fantastic.
Multiplayer: โ˜
Singleplayer: โ˜‘
๐Ÿ’ฏFinal Score: