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Deadlight: Director’s Cut

StorySet in an apocalyptic 1986, the survivors of a zombie outbreak live on among the remains of human civilization, trying to survive this hell on earth by any means necessary. You play Randall Wayne, an introverted and slightly paranoid survivor searching the destroyed streets of Seattle for his loved ones. Through tense platforming and life-threatening zombie encounters you must decide whether to use scarce ammunition and weapons to decimate the horde, or navigate the environment to sneak past them and hide. There’s more than one way to survive against the walking undead remains of the human race, now known only as ‘shadows’.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut enhances the original Deadlight in every way. Improved visuals and textures bring even more detail to the remnants of Seattle, plus enhanced controls and new animations make Randall even more agile. Now you must fight for your life and put your survival skills to the test in Deadlight: Director’s Cut new game mode, the ‘Survival Arena’.Features
  • Solve puzzles and overcome environmental hazards in tense 2D platforming
  • Decimate zombies with melee combat and weapons, or sneak past using the environment. Combat isn’t always the answer, especially when ammunition, weapons, and resources are scarce
  • Separated from his family, search the ruins of a ‘1986’ Seattle and uncover the fate of Randall’s loved ones
  • Survive endless waves of zombies in the new ‘Survival Arena’ mode! Use Interactive defences to block zombies and access new areas, or fightback using new weapons like the Machine Gun, Molotov Cocktail and Sniper Rifle to rank above the rest in online-leader boards
  • Running at 1080p, with superior controls and new animations, this is how survival was meant to look.
  • Watch through the original Developer Diaries and learn more about the Deadlight series!
  • Explore the gorgeous art of Deadlight in the Deadlight: Director’s Cut digital art book accessed in-game!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

nothing special. but, the game have been done in perfect style ;)

Review from Steam

It starts of really strong but gets worse and worse as it goes. Some of the sounds are bad. But biggest issue is when you have such a nice running mechanic and you forcefully grind everything to a halt with zombie/ combat puzzles. And worst part is with puzzles the game just doesn't give you adequite time to think so you need to die and die again to figure things out and its really infuriating.
BUT the game has incredible back drops, a really nice running mechanics. So while I wouldn't say its worth finishing, I would say its worth a play.

Review from Steam

I bought this game because I used to have it on my Xbox but I never finished it. I played through it pretty fast but it was a great game and the story was really interesting.

Review from Steam

My 90 year old grandma could play it
☑️ Easy
🔲 Normal
🔲 "Dark Souls"
🔲 "MS Paint"
🔲 Bad
🔲 Meh
🔲 Graphics don't matter in this game
🔲 Good
☑️ Beautiful
🔲 You forget what reality is.
- Game Length
☑️ Short (2-6 hours)
🔲 Average (7-12 hours)
🔲 Long (13-40 hours)
🔲 Very Long (41-70 hours)
🔲 Infinite
🔲 Bad
🔲 Not special
☑️ Good
🔲 Eargasm
🔲 This game has no story
🔲 Like playing "Temple Runners" for the story
🔲 It's there for the people who want it
🔲 Well written
☑️ Epic story
🔲 Underpriced
☑️Perfect price (This game deserve any price)
🔲 Could be cheaper
🔲 Overpriced
🔲 Complete waste of money
☑️ You can run it on a microwave
🔲 Average
🔲 High end
🔲 "NASA" computer
- FUN -
🔲 I'd rather watch paint dry
🔲 Hard to enjoy
🔲 Repetitive
☑️ Actually pretty amusing
🔲Ride of your life
☑️ It's a one - time experience
🔲 Only for achievements
☑️ If you wait a few months / years
🔲 Definitely
🔲 Infinitely replayable
🔲 No
🔲 Wait for sale
☑️ Buy it! Right Now, you will not regret.

Review from Steam

a very good 2D game, you can enjoy ~10h of beating the game
sadly the cutscenes are more cartoonish