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Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today

Darkness. And then there was light… but not enough for Michael to find out who he is and what happened to the world out there. The “Great Wave”, the “dissolved”... are just hollow words in his looted mind. "Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today" is the first part of the "Dead Synchronicity" series: Help Michael face a dying reality, a universe that’s fading away. Face a merciless world that gets sick and vanishes. Face no past, no present, no future. Face the impending moment of “dead synchronicity”. And you’d better hurry. Because, otherwise... what will you do when Time dissolves itself? A terrible pandemic is turning all of humanity into “the dissolved” - the sick whose deliria provide them with supernatural cognitive powers... but also steer them towards a gruesome death.
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Information / Review English
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is an adventure game developed by Fictiorama Studios.
Gameplay / Story
Protagonist Michael has no idea who he is when he wakes up in a musty trailer. A guy named Rod explains to us that the world as we know it no longer exists and he saved us. In return, he asks us to find a medicine for his sick son. Outside, we first have to find our way in the harsh reality. Because of course the drug is not ready in the next best bucket. On our journey we trudge through a littered refugee camp, a destroyed city and other diverse and interesting locations that shouldn't be spoiled.
On his journey through the wasteland I meet many tortured souls. Among them are a discouraged nurse, a traumatized prostitute who has fled into an infantile fantasy world or a scientist who is trying to track down the phenomenon behind the disaster. The latter has to work covertly among all the power-obsessed security forces and sends Michael on a mission as well. Of course, some experiences also relate to the protagonist's old life.
+ unspent surreal apocalyptic scenario
+ depressing atmosphere is captured well
+ interesting characters
+ some really good puzzles
+ matching music
+ Achievements and trading cards
- angular and low-detail figures
- minimalistic animations
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today offers you a surreal and merciless end times adventure with many dangers.
Information / Review Deutsch
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today ist ein Abenteuerspiel, welches von Fictiorama Studios entwickelt wurde.
Gameplay / Geschichte
Protagonist Michael hat keine Ahnung, wer er ist, als er in einem modrigen Wohnwagen aufwacht. Ein Typ namens Rod erklärt uns, dass die Welt, wie wir sie kennen, nicht mehr existiert und er uns gerettet hat. Als Gegenleistung bittet er uns, ein Medikament für seinen kranken Sohn zu suchen. Draußen müssen wir uns erst einmal in der rauen Wirklichkeit zurechtfinden. Denn natürlich steht das Medikament nicht im nächstbesten Eimer parat. Auf unserer Reise stapfen wir durch ein zugemülltes Flüchtlingslager, eine zerstörte Stadt und weitere ebenso abwechslungsreiche wie interessante Schauplätze, die entsprechend auch nicht gespoilert werden sollen.
Auf seiner Reise durch die Einöde treffe ich auf viele geschundene Seelen. Darunter befinden sich eine entmutigte Krankenschwester, eine traumatisierte Prostituierte, die sich in eine infantile Fantasiewelt geflüchtet hat oder einen Wissenschaftler, der versucht, dem Phänomen hinter der Katastrophe auf die Spur zu kommen. Letzterer muss unter all den machtversessenen Ordnungskräften natürlich verdeckt arbeiten und schickt auch Michael auf eine Mission. Manche Erlebnisse nehmen natürlich auch Bezug auf das alte Leben des Protagonisten.
+ unverbrauchtes surreales Endzeit-Szenario
+ bedrückende Atmosphäre wird gut eingefangen
+ interessante Charaktere
+ einige wirklich gute Rätsel
+ passende Musik
+ Errungenschaften und Trading Cards
- kantige und detailarme Figuren
- minimalistische Animationen
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today bietet dir ein surreales und erbarmungsloses Endzeit-Abenteuer mit vielen Gefahren.

Review from Steam

An interesting story that I guess will never truly conclude. Many of the achievements are for doing the "wrong" thing, which makes them fun to discover.
I found “The Hunter’s” self-introduction hilariously bad, but I ignored the voice acting where I could.
Additional Details

Operating System
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 x64

AMD FX-8350

GTX 750

Last played
January, 2018

Technical Notes
No problems

Review from Steam

Great game but ends on a cliffhanger and the sequel is cancelled. So only buy if you are fine with that. The story is very good and its a very nice point and click adventure game.

Review from Steam

Sometimes a game or movie takes time to build momentum and become a classic. Unfortunately, this was the fate of the Dead Synchronicity duology (technically a trilogy).
The first part was funded in a kickstarter campaign and a lot of the same critics who glorified it ended up turning on the final release. Why? Simply because they hadn't expected the ending that should have been obvious. As a result, Daedalic refused to publish a sequel and the project was shelved indefinitely. A text adventure prequel had also been planned but was likewise shelved.
But that doesn't mean you should avoid this game by any means. It's an excellent point-and-click adventure which has one path with a little space for deviation (but nothing that affects the story itself). The world you wake up in is brutal, with the grass always seeming to be greener (or at least less brown) on the other side. There's a lot of mystery involved, the music is good, the story is great, and there's a lot of classic frustration in how to use items (that thankfully aren't too difficult to figure out).
One point that must be brought up: The gate screen and main city screen both scroll horizontally. If you don't know this, you might find yourself stuck for hours trying to figure out where to go next. But a most scenes will either fit on the screen or tile up like the frames in a comic book or photo album.
The artwork may be off-putting to people who didn't grow up in the Great Days of Lucas Arts, and some of the voice acting is intentionally hokey. But these are things us old adventure gamers really appreciate and honour the days when adventure was king (before Myst nearly destroyed the genre). There's a lot to live, and getting the achievements can be fun because it they require you to think outside the box and make mistakes.
It's sad that we may never get the rest of the story, but perhaps one day some of the original Devs will bring out Part 2 on their own dime, especially now that games are almost exclusively digital releases. The more people who give this game a go, the better our chances of stopping the franchise's own Dead Synchronicity. And even if that sequel never happens, this is a game well worth your time.

Review from Steam

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today
Dead Synchronicity is a point-click adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic future.
The first episode, Tomorrow Comes Today, is set in chaos, where there is an epidemic that threatens humanity, all energy sources depleted, and all communication destroyed.
In the game, we control a character named Michael, who opens his eyes in a world on the verge of extinction and remembers nothing but meaningless words that circulate in his mind.
We dive into a challenging adventure with our character and try to solve the events that led to the threshold of extinction.
Dead Synchronicity creates a highly original visuality with an expressionist style. Also, it deserves praise for its art design.
The game combines a balanced integration with adventure game mechanics and places the classic adventure game experience in a dark theme.
And so it stands out from the old-fashioned adventure games.
Dead Synchronicity is a game that is above specific standards and worth playing.
Anyone who likes adventure games should try it.
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Review from Steam

Dead Synchronicity is a point-and-click adventure game set in a brutal - some genuinely may find - disturbing post-apocalyptic future that I would and would not recommend.
In summary, the plot is that you take control of Michael, a "blank head" (that's amnesiac to you and me) who wakes up (no pun intended) in the apocalyptic "New World", where a new deadly disease is seemingly wiping out humanity, these sick people are called "the Dissolved". Your goal is to explore your new settings trying to understand everything around you, but more importantly - to Michael - find out and confront his past whilst suffering from strange visions, dreams and hearing voices calling out to him.
The gameplay in comparison to other point and click games is that the puzzles are very logical i.e. there's a small fire - you have a bucket - find water - pour water on fire - pick up new item etc. The games plot is almost always carried on the back of the items you newly acquire. Puzzle wise this is the most straight forward point and click game I have played that I can remember.
The good the bad and the ugly:
According to the studio, the game features "space-time distortions, a dystopian atmosphere… and a dark, bloodstained plot". It's also apparently episodic however, my gut feeling is that, this is it i.e. there isn't going to be another game. If you buy this then the end of the game may heavily disappoint you as it ends as if a second installment is getting released.
At times especially in the beginning, I couldn't help but question the direction the music and voice actors took. For example, within the first ten or so mins our protagonist is witnessing something he finds horrifying and whilst this is happening, I genuinely couldn't help but think, "why is there 90's porn music playing and why does that guy sound like an actor practicing lines for a TV show that he'll never be apart of?".
Some of the voice acting and music will definitely be a hit or a miss for some I'm sure but that said, it does get better the more you immerse yourself in the "New World".
The tone of the game along with the art style is - or can be - extremely dark. There is violence, death, disease, human manipulation and suicide with all - at the bare minimum - thrust in your face. I do want to express that I do not mean "thrust in your face" as a bad thing, to be honest I think it was needed. Looking back on the game, my favorite parts was the parts that made me feel either discomfort or/and some sort of sadness (strangely though never for Micheal now that I think about it).
In regards to the ending. Personally, I guessed the twist at the start. It's very obvious to the extent I don't think it should've been a twist. This like the probability that there won't be a sequel won't make some people happy.
Last Thought/s:
I enjoyed this title for what it is a harsh brutal point and click adventure with great - although not to my personal taste - art.
It will be a very unique game for many, definitely those who may not have played many point and click games before.
For an old point and click enthusiast like myself, I have to admit there was even something for me too, namely the parts that made me feel something. One section with a particular character really stood out.

Review from Steam

70 on metacritic
best reason why metacritic is a shit review site