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D Series OFF ROAD Driving Simulation

D Series is an off road driving simulation with custom track editor built into the Steam Workshop. It was originally released in 2015 and completely rebuilt for 2017 with all new vehicles and a custom track editor. The simple in-game track editor will allow you to create custom Race Tracks, Rock Crawling Rubicons and Off Road Fun Parks in minutes and even share them on the Steam Workshop. So sit down, strap in and see if you have what it takes to tame these wild off road machines. Built for todays hightech Force Feedback steering systems and Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

D Series Current Features

- In game Custom Track Editor with ability to share to the Steam Workshop

- 4 Sample MyTracks (Examples for the custom track editor to show you how the tracks are made)

- Realistic off road physics and tire model

- DirectX Force Feedback calculated from proper vehicle geometry (with applicable FFB steering wheels)

- 8 different Vehicles (SST, Pro2, Pro4, Rock Crawler, DKart Lite, DKart Pro, Rally Car and a Monster Truck)

- 6 default tracks

- Day/Afternoon/Evening/Night Lighting

- dirt/mud accumulation

- 50+ different vehicle tuning adjustments

- Adjustable vehicle setups with the ability to share

Brand New In Game Track Editor

With over 200 different objects you can build any track that you can imagine with the in game track editor. Race Tracks, Rock Crawling Parks, Monster Truck Stadiums.... you name it. Then you can share those creations to the Steam Workshop with one click. The possibilities are endless.

New Vehicles!

D Series welcomes the New RUCKUS Monster Truck along side of a New Rock Crawler complete with a front Winch.

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

It's a game with huge potential. But it's already so much fun, the physics system has it's flaws but is rather good already!
The track creator in this game is one of the finest I have seen yet. You can create nearly endless things and just use your creativity and imagination!
The time-trial driving I find very entertaining on my self built tracks, sadly there is rarily anyone playing multiplayer.
I love this game and would only recommend it, eventhough the flaws it has, cause of the potential this game would have with more players!
Great physics engine with a way bigger potential then currently used.
Fantastic track creator system with endless possibilities.
Fun, yes it's just fun and a lot of it!
It's a test of your driving skills and you could compete with friends in the time-trial mode.
Developer is in contact with his community every now and then, much respect to that!
There's some flaws in the system, which could be patched.
There's no real online/multiplayer activity.

Review from Steam

(EDIT: I realised that by giving this game a 'not recommended', I was hurting this promising game's future so I changed it to positive but I will still leave my initial review below.)
The game is good, but it relies too much on community content to fill up it's content... The issue is there is hardly any community content, which is unfortunate because this game shows good promise but for now, I'd say it's not worth the £5.99 price tag but I would still recommend if you are creative as you can belp the community grow and add quality content into the game.

Review from Steam

Wow, we basically just got an entirely new game and it's not an Early Access title. The update changed pretty much everything. It shares a lot with is other title, RC Simulation 2.0 but he also made specific tweaks for D Series. It has more camera options, a driver view with animated arms, etc. New vehicles like a Monster Truck and Rock Crawler (complete with winching system) open up a lot of new playstyle choices that weren't in the original game. I'm really impressed with this update. There's also a full track editor and workshop integration. I made a pretty long vid where I tried to go over all of it if you have an interest.

Review from Steam

Nice to see the game get updated. If you put the time in to make yourself some tracks the game is a good bit of fun, for $15 I would definitely suggest it. Will be nice to see the game hopefully continue to get updates and maybe have some more off road truck specific type objects added to the game!

Review from Steam

Game definitely has potential. you can see a lot of time and great ideas are put into this. I remember when this first came out on its own just as a game and it was very hard to control the very limited amount of vehicles. This game has come a very long way and the fact that they are adding in all the different types of vehicles is going to make this a must have for many. Thank you for the opportunity.

Review from Steam

The control of so many details in the track builder is really great. Hours of fun.

Review from Steam

Very much enjoy this game . Very high attention to detail after dx11 update - vehichles collect dust etc . Extremely impressive especially when considering it's been done by a one man team ? Must buy all racing games as they seen to be a dying breed - especially sims like this .