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Cyclones Playground

In Cyclones Playground you role play, in First Person , as the Severe Weather Division's lead Scientist of the Natural Disaster Prevention Team. The phenomenon that has plagued Perfection County gives you the opportunity to Study and stop or divert the record amount of tornadoes.

You first must study the storms with the Doppler Radar that has been modified to be used on tornadoes and has been attached to a Truck. Once you have recorded enough Data you will be able to use the Project Vehicle and launch a Project Detour Device at the tornado, to try to change the path of a tornado, using an old decommissioned mobile missile launcher that has been attached to the Project Vehicle. After testing Project Detour, you can begin testing Project Storm Dance. Project Storm Dance uses the same delivery system as Project Detour. But since P.S.D. is based on cloud seeding tech, the P.S.D. Device will have to be launched at the clouds and the amount of the three main elements has to be configured using a military grade laptop.

The fully Simulated storm system makes for rapidly changing weather conditions. So while you focus on the tasks at hand be sure to keep an eye out for tornadoes because if you're not careful you could be killed if you are to close and you will have to start over.
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Storms are perfected disasters