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Cyberflight is a procedurally generated, high speed cyberpunk-themed driving game. Race through a vast and unique retro futuristic city every time you play, all backed by a lush and original new wave soundtrack.

This game will give you:

+ Exciting, high speed flight,

+ Through a detailed, procedurally generated city,

+ Rendered in ambient, atmospheric 3d,

+ Driven by an original 80's soundtrack
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

it's a good game and i'm currently enjoying playing it, needs some enhancement though; however, and over all, it's a good game for both the price and the game experience. for CyberFlight game developers: it would be nice if you released an update that makes the soundtrack non-stop and plays continuously without interruption even if the game resets after a collision. also, give us the option to change the controllers, to fully stop the car from advancing forward, better breaks, and better and easier physics. thanks.
Unfortunately, the game stopped working after i altered the screen option in settings. the game won't work even after reinstalling it. it seems that it won't work again. i really enjoyed playing it, so please Cyberflight devs fix it so that i can keep playing it.

Review from Steam

Very simple game, nice game to play if you just want to relax and zone out. Would be nice if the music tracks kept playing until the end rather than resetting each time you crash.