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Cult of Mine

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About the Game

Do you want to become the leader of a cult? Do you want to cause nightmares, take control of others' dreams and contact the dead?

Welcome to "Cult of Mine" that unites occultism, rabbits, and satire!


✔️Single-player and co-op mode;

It's simple: single-player mode is an hours-long campaign; Co-op mode - you fight with your friend against other cults;

✔️Choose who you want to be - a kind pacifist or a blood-thirsty bunny;

Here rabbits work, eat, chat, have fun, sleep.

But suddenly you show up and... Yeah, what are you going to do?

You have absolute freedom here: make anything you want using any methods you want: conviction, deception, sorcery...

Make this place hell or heaven.

✔️Over 105 detailed characters;

Connoisseurs of well-developed, good-quality stories will definitely not remain indifferent.

Because absolutely every character is unique.

Because every character has their own personality, own purpose, own way of speaking, own style.

✔️Social network "LikeMePlease";

Make an account in the biggest social network "LikeMePlease", follow news from your city and share your thoughts!

✔️Cult fights;

This game has a unique and original system of cults. Every cult fights for its influence and

will seek to increase its popularity NO MATTER WHAT COST. No mercy will be shown.


What's your cult going to be? Give your cult a name, symbol, values, and motto.

It's all up to you, as you've already understood.

✔️Steam workshop - create your own fantastic stories!

This game allows you to easily create your own stories and share them via steam workshop.

All you need is a story and a little bit of imagination.

You can create your own stories with already created sprites (images and animations) or with your own.


Yeah, how we can survive without this one? Stabile 60 FPS is guaranteed

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