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Cryogear is an passionately hand crafted Metroidvania inspired Pixel Art platformer with souls-like mechanics set in an open sci-fi world. Gameplay is driven by exploration and rewards curious, creative players with new items, abilities, and ever increasing possibilities. You take control of the newly repurposed clone G.3.4.R and explore your new surroundings, uncover its many secrets, and strive to unveil the mysteries of the ever present Emperor AI. Will you survive and thrive in this strange new world, or will falter and fail as the clones before? Only your skill and determination can decide G34R's fate!

Cryogear combines a versatile platformer core with exploration, shoot 'em up and RPG elements to an entertaining new game experience. Explore a dangerous open world with over 50+ different regions to discover. The changing world is filled with obstacles, boss fights, different enemy types, riddles, hidden areas, minigames and loot for a unique rewarding exploration experience.

Cryogear features a full-scale RPG inventory, combined with equipment, skill and crafting systems. Switch freely between active abilities and weapons during the action, which allows dynamic, skill-based strategies for every situation. While progressing through the game, you get introduced to different new abilities, weapons, and equipment to customize your clone to match your playstyle.

Your clone G.3.4.R. is ready to boot up! A unique journey into the World of Cryogear awaits you..


  • Run, jump, dive, fly, hack, freeze and slide your way through over 50 Sci-Fi themed areas with varying environments in your quest to uncover the mysteries of the Emperor AI and discover the reason you were activated
  • Uncover the truths and history of the world around you as you venture through destroyed cities, abandoned wastes and factories run amuck in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future devoid of any other organic life!
  • Lava, Floods, Fire, Ice, Pitfalls, Epic Boss fights, a plethora of evolving enemy types (and more) stand between you and your goals; forcing you to discover countermeasures and adapt your strategies to overcome each new challenge
  • Use Psi powers to shield yourself from dangers and manipulate your surroundings or even your perception of time!
  • Learn to master 4 vastly different weapons with their own unique strengths and weaknesses to overcome the various obstacles and enemies standing in your way.
  • Spend energy harvested from your fallen foes to gain new or improved abilities from 4 different upgrade trees
  • Search for hidden items, upgrades, and areas just waiting for those clever, lucky, or determined enough to locate them
  • Discover new armor, items, upgrades, and crafting materials as you explore
  • Use these items to craft a pair of helper drones, more powerful weapons, and spent consumables; or recycle them into energy to fuel faster development
  • Multiple endings, branching level layouts, customizable character development, and the freedom to explore at your own pace and in your own way helps ensure that no two playthroughs are exactly alike
  • Speedrun and NewGame+/++ await to challenge even veteran players and extend replayability even further. While Exploration mode is available to those who struggle or prefer a more casual/classical Metroidvania experience.
  • Full support for Xbox, PS4, and Switch Gamepads and Controllers.

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Cryogear is a 2D metroidvania platformer with significant souls-like elements, set in a distant future where artificial intelligence has taken control of the world. Players impersonate a reprogrammed clone codename G34R, which is awaken by a mysterious individual and tasked with the arduous mission of defeating the Emperor AI. To accomplish his mission, G34R will travel across many places, ranging from ruins of a bygone age to modern robot factories, and face the powerful Guardians protecting the Emperor's Gates.
🟩 Pros
Excellent level design featuring complex stages and many secrets, rewarding exploration.
Well done RPG progression system that feels satisfying throughout the game.
Decent art direction with enough environment variety.
Boss design is well done and every Guardian feels unique to fight against.
NG+ mode after beating the game for those seeking more challenge, multiple endings.
🟥 Cons
Enemy variety is limited: foes start to feel repetitive after some time.
Late-game difficulty feels moderate when instead should be harder.
Absence of any other combat ability except the four main weapons and two passive drones.
Rating: Good
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Let's start with the good parts. The first thing that impressed me about Cryogear was level design, which is consistently convoluted, offering several paths to your objectives and as well plenty of secret areas and additional items to find. Puzzles and areas accessible only with tools obtained later are also fairly common, as it should be in a metroidvania. The progression system is well fleshed out with four skill trees, attribute system and also gear to equip such as armor pieces, although with less depth than other souls-like games you might know.
The pixel art style used in depicting the environment is minimalist but well done, and the variety of environments proposed, ranging from decaying city ruins to bellowing factories, is overall pleasant and contributes to add some variety. Bosses are well done and unique, as it should be in any souls-like, though not all offer the same challenge and some are underwhelming. For those seeking better challenge there is an NG+ mode and multiple endings to discover.
On the bad sides, one of the most relevant aspects is enemy variety, which is good in the earlier parts of the game but becomes much less so later on, as a bit later than halfway you'll have met pretty much all the enemy types. Late game balance is on the easier side when it should be the opposite. Players become quite too powerful for their own good in late stages when many passives and upgrades stack together. The absence of any other combat skill apart from the four main weapons can feel somewhat limiting in build and approach possibilities.
Overall Cryogear is a good metroidvania / souls-like fusion that delivers enjoyable gameplay from both genres, but with a definitely predominant platformer gameplay over the souls-like elements. It took me around 10 hours to do a thorough run of the game, visiting and fully exploring most areas and then beating Guardians and final boss. For the default price of 18€, I would suggest buying at full price only to platformer fans, others could be better off waiting for a sale.
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In-Depth Breakdown
🎮 Gameplay Analysis
Gameplay is divided in Exploration, Character Management and Combat.
Is performed on foot most of the time and once unlocked, with the aid of an hoverboard and a jetpack in certain areas. In large part exploring levels will be a matter of avoiding deadly obstacles while also fighting enemies at the same time. Most parts of a level will be sealed off at first, and you will be able to unlock them with a series of buttons, levers and sometimes puzzles or particularly hidden paths. Some areas will need tools you'll find only later on, as it's customary in metroidvanias.
Enemies and crates drop loot but mostly crafting materials and consumables, rarely armor pieces. A handy fast travel function allows you to travel between levels where you unlocked at least two uplink terminals, while to access more advanced areas of the world you will need to unlock a minimum total number of them, this promotes exploration of each stage to find all the terminals. Using fast travel also will reset your Energy (souls) as a price, so better level up first.
Character Management
Is mostly done when leveling up: after collecting a certain amount of energy, you can use an uplink terminal (acting as bonfire) to level up your stats one point at a time, and also allocate a point in one of the passive skill trees to enhance your character. Certain items can respec both attributes and skills, though they are rare and costly to craft. Enhancing your statistics also will empower one of the four main weapons, and enhance your Psi (stamina) or Health depending on the stat.
Crafting can be done at any time and is important to upgrade weapons to V2 and V3 versions, but also craft consumables and passive helper drones, the latter being though just a waste of materials. Equipment can be changed and stashed at any time, though you'll need to go to a storage locker to retrieve it from the stash. Various armor types can give significant stat bonuses.
Plays out with three ranged weapons and a melee option. At first only melee is available and the other arms have to be crafted and unlocked. Enemies have a variety of beam, projectile and melee weapons to use against you and bosses are rightfully lethal especially early on. Each weapon can be upgraded and enhanced with many passive skills from one of the trees, boosting fire rate, damage and unique proprieties. You also have a protective shield that consumes PSI to absorb damage, though briefly.
In case of death Cryogear works as any souls-like, having you recover your lost XP at your place of death, but one big change is that bonfires (uplinks) do not reset enemies, but still will heal you up, which is more forgiving than your average souls. Combat feels good enough but lacks more depth of mechanics, as for example there isn't a block, dodge or parrying mechanic which are frequent in the souls genre. Still it does the job well enough.
🔩 Technical
PC Specs: RTX2080Ti, Ryzen 3900X, 32GB RAM DDR4
There are no performance or stability issues to report: the game runs well in 1440p, 85Hz. There are no major bugs or other issues to report, the few present before release were fixed. Given the simple 2D graphics and lack of complex effects or shaders, the game will run without issues even on older or low-end machines.
Final Thoughts
Cryogear is definitely a good souls-like platformer that delivers well designed, satisfying gameplay, though could do better with late game balancing and variety. Still, a solid title for this genre.
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Review from Steam

Review by Gaming Masterpieces - The greatest games of all time on Steam.
Is this game a masterpiece? It is a Metroidvania in a large, interconnected, open-world cyberpunk scenario, and you play a robot that someone has programmed to kill the Emperor AI. You need to platform, melee and shoot, use PSI powers, find or craft your gear, upgrade your character with 80 skills in 4 branches, discover secrets and of course backtrack a lot.
What I really loved is that you can find stuff in many places, exploration is really rewarded. It pays off when you have acquired the double jump ability and don't take damage from high falls anymore. The level design is really well done, I would recommend this game especially to players who enjoy the exploring aspect of a Metroidvania the most. Collecting loot, solving puzzles and upgrading the character works quite well, while platforming and combat is working, but not really a highlight. The graphic is okay, although it is a bit grey, and it uses pixel art which is a sharp contrast when you have played a graphical magnum opus like "Ori and the Will of the Wisps" directly before.
Cyberpunk Metroidvania in greyish pixel art with lots of things to find and do.

Review from Steam

Recommended only if you have played all other metroidvanias out there and just want some more. Sadly its pretty repetetive and somewhat boring. Most likely youll be using same weapon through all the game and exploration abilities are limited to double jump, that youll unlock in first 15 minutes of the game. Theres some sort of jetpack, but it can only be used in couple of levels.

Review from Steam

Cryogear is surprisingly fun. I guess it counts as a metroidvania, but it doesn't feel like it. It uses level design that is typical of linear platform games from the 16-bit era, and inventory and skill point trees typical of an RPG. It borrows Dark Souls mechanics for death, making you recover your belongings before you die again.
All in all, a bit hard to categorize due to how many mechanics it cobbles together from other games. But, otherwise, a very fun and satisfying game with plenty of content.

Review from Steam

It's very well-polished.
The art is excellent and everything works really well.
The issue I have is with the gameplay.
The enemies are fairly plain and move slowly.
The game feels very slow to me.
I would love to give it a thumbs sideways.

Review from Steam

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Scifi pixel art Metroidvania + skills + crafting = Exploration driven gameplay and uncover many secrets (including hidden areas). 50+ regions, cool skills, craft weapons, collect loot, blast bosses.

Review from Steam

A neat metroidvania with great pixel art, sound design and generally fun gameplay. It can tend to get a bit tedious though and i found the exploration wasn't that interesting, and there's not a great variety of enemies. Fun time, but I'd recommend waiting for a sale or something.