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Crown of Pain

Crown of Pain is a match-3 RPG. Heroes venture to the castle to find the elusive crown of pain, an artifact which is said to take away all of their worries.

In this gritty match 3 RPG, take the role of the hero, each with their own troubles, looking for a solution, a way out of hardship. Driven by their worries, they decide to take on something that they might not be able to handle.Features
  • Your team is very varied and the hero actions differ based on the color matched. Match the right elements to perform the necessary attack!
  • Thousands of build opportunities! Each battle awards you with a team enhancement: strategize the way you can.
  • Dark atmosphere of the middle ages: this world has no remorse and no compassion, you are on your own.

Traverse the randomly generated map, participate in battles, select individual hero upgrades and prepare unique team builds with lots of possible synergies.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

The pixel art is beautiful, the sound is fitting, the price is correct. This is a sweet little game for a couple of hours of fun. After you managed to deal with the first 10-15 minutes of some boring 1-Party-Member combat, as soon as you buy new companions, the game rolls, and doesn't let you leave.
I had to play it, until I beat it. Content, and adjustments are planned by the developers, so I am looking forward to this.
Actually, I don't know why it is so much fun. Maybe this is a game which is not for everyone?
But if you enjoy these points, you most probably like Crown Of Pain:
Pixel Art
Luck-Based gameplay
Tile-Matching gameplay
RPG elements
Easy, medidtative games

Review from Steam

Crown of Pain is a promising Match 3 RPG that notably sells itself on a mostly realized aesthetic. Its very promising even without the typical RPG-leveling bloat associated with this type of content. Rather, it utilizes a RogueLite appeal.
As of this review's posting (2/16), there are some tweaks I would love to see implemented...
> A redone cursor that better blends in the visual style and chunky pixels.
> An improvement towards the Match 3 system as there exist 2 noticeable bugs...
1. T-shaped matches consisting of 5 squares will often count as 2 Matches of 3.
2. If a Combo continues until the next wave spawns in, the player's initial turn will be skipped.
Personally, I would love to see an Overkill mechanic implemented - though that may reduce the grind, thus affecting the length of the content on offer. Thematically, I think it'd be appropriate given the grim appeal.
Per the T-shaped as well as specially-shaped matches in general, it would befitting of the genre if they provided buffs on their own. As of right now, it is a bit of a bare bones experience which could benefit the style - but that hardcore appeal would go against the common occurrence of Combos within the game currently.

Review from Steam

If you are familiar with match-3 games with a little RPG elements thrown in then you will get exactly what you expect. You traverse a map, cut down enemies using match-3, get gems as loot and upgrade your party with those gems to advance on your quest.
I haven't run into any bugs yet. The game runs great, doesn't overwork your video card for no reason like so many small games these days. Controls work fine, pretty much mouse clicks.
Art style is consistent and matches the tone and theme of the story.
Overall worth the asking price. I got exactly what I expected and I am enjoying it.
Thanks devs :).

Review from Steam

It doesn't have tons of content in its current form but it certainly does scratch a certain itch and is worth the money. Will be waiting for more :)

Review from Steam

I like match 3 games

Review from Steam

This is a very solid match-3 RPG game! Super refreshing after seeing the microtransaction-saturated barrage of these sort of games on mobile. Scratches my itch for a match-3, plus has a very charming, dark, gothic atmosphere. Music is a tiny bit repetitive, admittedly, and as some others have said, I'd personally love to see the cursor in a more pixellated format to match the rest of the artstyle. The idea of having special moves tied to combos makes for a great additional layer of strategy once they're unlocked, and gives some leeway to allow for different attempts at synergy.
Currently I'm a couple stages away from the third boss stage, and I'm not only immensely enjoying the experience so far, but also looking forward to the full release! This is absolutely well worth the price currently (I snagged it for $5) and look forward to more updates from this developer!

Review from Steam

This game has no right to be as fun as it is. I mean, it's a match-3, it cannot possibly be so addictive. And yet it is. I finished the currently available early-access content in one go. Not that I had planned to do so, it just happened because I couldn't stop playing.
I'm really looking forward to the full game.