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Crime Girl

Crime Girl has one dream: to own every emerald in the world, by hook or by crook. Help her make her dreams come true by raiding the abandoned towers of London, now full of ghosts and emeralds!

The towers are tall and have been warped by spectral energy, but Crime Girl has come prepared: a grappling gun will help her overcome any obstacle.

Every tower you enter will have a unique layout with different challenges each time you play. Navigate moving platforms, jump through portals, and bounce on springs - always moving upwards.

However, watch out for hostile ghosts who will try to stop you stealing their emeralds. You'll have to avoid, lightning, fireballs, icicles, and even rocks!

Featuring four additional game modes:

  • Hard mode, with more enemies but also more emeralds.

  • Infinite mode, to see how high you can get.

  • Arena mode, where you're locked in a room with endless waves of enemies.

  • Fixed mode, with a pre-determined layout, designed for speed runners.

Every run will reward you with emeralds and increase your rank. Unlock achievements over time and get some fancy new outfits for Crime Girl!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Thanks a lot Steam
So lets start off with weird tangents about how small companies, and in this case, possibly 1 person, get shafted by the steam integration. As of the time of this review 8/5/2021, the game is still available to purchase, but has had its achievements removed. This is because the developer wanted to do some slight fixes, but you can't do that if you have steam integration, it's no longer 1 small update, it's an update to everything else. Steam always gets a commission for games sold on it's platform, but offers no assistance to even the smallest of companies, let alone valued updates to their own software and games. I mean come on cuz, get with the times, these indie developers bring something spicy and new to the industry, not they are the majority of developers, but they bring interesting shit with them. Like this game. I love cataloging games that get taken down from steam. And when I went back to play this game (because rogue-likes are surprisingly good party/drinking games) I noticed that my achievements were gone, although they still exist in game. Which is sad because I wanted to grind this game to a pulp, because boy is this game a gem.
Speaking of Gems
What is this game? It's a very simple rogue-like. And there in lies the trick. This game is hard, but very forgiving. It doesn't have very many mechanics, and the learning curb is not very low. Just about timing, spacial awareness, and memory. It's quick, it's fun, and it's difficult. You main goal is to get to the top of this towering (bank?) and at the top of each floor is a boss. And holy shit do these guys kick ass. None of them are super unfair, because they all have a pattern. But be warned, these boss fights, and stages quickly become bullet-hells, where you're just dodging back and forth. The goal is to constantly be aggressive. I'd say honestly it's impossible to beat without being hit. But saying that will doom me to forever eat my words. The crux is that you play as a thief, so although collecting gems isn't your primary goal, it's how you unlock everything, and come-on shiny!!!!!
You know what time it is
Tl;Dr: I highly recommend this game, it's a neat find, and has some pretty fun content, not a lot of jokes to say. Oh, I guess it's pretty ugly, but its forgivable, and has catchy music.