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Craftopia is the brand new multiplayer open-world survival action game.

We have imagined what would happen when we combine our favorite video games altogether.
Chop trees and mine stones as in Sandbox,
Explore the world as in Open-world,
Fight the hunger as in Survival,
Cultivate and harvest as in Farming,
Collect loots in dungeons as in Hack-and-slash,
Automate activities as in Factory management,
Hunt monsters and creatures as in Hunting action,
Cast magical spells as in Fantasy RPG.

Now we have a utopia for all of us. That is Craftopia.Farming20+ crops are available for you to grow. Of course, you can grow crops one by one, but there are more you can do. With the power of agricultural machines, you can have large scale fields.
While enjoying your self-sufficient life, why not make your colorful orchards?
Industrialization and AutomationYou can automate every single item gathering. When you get tired of cutting woods and mining stones? Let's automate!
...Tired of automation of simple activities? Then let's start using belt-conveyers to build huge factories.
BreedingBy throwing Monster Prism at creatures, you can catch them as a pet. Not only animals like cows and deer, but most of the monsters are also tamable. Monsters, Gotta Catch 'Em All!
Exploring DungeonsWhen the detector starts beeping, it's the sign that you're getting close to a dangerous dungeon. Back to the town to equip yourself, then enter the dungeon in the hope of finding treasures. It changes its shape every time you enter. At the end of the dungeon, you will encounter bosses to fight.
You will gain new abilities when you unleash the power of the world.
FishingIn Craftopia, you can enjoy fishing too. Taste some fresh fish, and craft a shield from turtle shells! Once you get used to fishing on the coastline, it's time to build a ship to sail! Let's catch a whale!
VehiclesHoverboards, motorbikes, helicopters, automobiles, biplanes, tanks, air balloons, and machinery... Gather materials to craft what you want to ride! You can share a ride with your friends to explore the world together!
Skill Tree100+ skills to learn in Craftopia. You can create your character by learning various skills. Some are good at crafting; some are skilled at broad swords; some might do better in automation. Your job will vary throughout the adventure, depending on your play styles!Character CreationGender/sex, race, hairstyle, eyes, faces, skin tones, facial hairs, face painting, you can customize all of them!MultiplayerMultiplayer is available. You can build factories, explore dungeons, catch fish with your friends. The choice is yours! You can be an assassin if you want to.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

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Review from Steam

Breath of the Genshin Impact: Minecraft edition

Review from Steam

Mod support
Relaxing music
Large open maps
Many crafting options
Lots of loot
Vroid support for custom avatars
Ability to make a base on every island
Cut and paste dungeons
Poor building options
Missing building pieces
Limited island variations
Snap to grid options don't always work
Poor balance
Bad translations
Many bugs and missing content
Janky Controls
Very grindy in certain areas
Craftopia just barely receives a positive from me and I'd really recommend purchasing on a sale until some of the worst issues are resolved, and really due to the fact its got a enough gameplay and features that outweigh the worst of the negative issues the game also has, bearing in mind the early access that is quite apparent.
Graphics wise, it tries to copy BOTW and Genshin Impact and fails at both, whilst the graphics are not terrible, I'd say it reminds of me PS3 era graphics, with some textures looking okay, whilst others are just plain terrible and has clipping issues in many places, its functional just don't expect too much from it, whilst the sound is actually better than the graphics with good vehicle sound effects and the music is actually quite relaxing even if it plays on a loop.
Gameplay is a mixed bag though, first off lets not forget this is early access and whilst that is fine, don't expect some of the core issues to get easily fixed such as the janky control method especially when placing building pieces and expect a bit of frustration from it. Combat is archaic but isn't bad per say, occasionally some skills are a bit strange with some OP skills and others are just plain useless making the balance pretty off in certain aspects, the loot is varied and can have a fairly good array of different modifiers both good and bad so expect enough content for min/maxers here.
One issue is the fact you can progress through Era's very quickly and then around the 5th era hit a huuge brick wall because of really poor balancing, instead of making it harder to progress through earlier Era's to maintain some balance, they hit you hard right out of the blue making for a significant grind to progress after that. Also, the game can be quite grindy but only if you decide to grind case and point is the picture book which is basically a collection tab that you can add items you have crafted for a small reward, and the rewards for stage 2 and stage 3 are pretty poor considering you might be required to turn in 100s if not 1000s of the same item to reach the next reward level, which is often just a 0.1% boost in a particular stat.
Another issue is crafting certain items is once again, heavily unbalanced and the general idea is to make ghastly looking automatic production lines in order to do the worst of the grind for you, one such example is making 5000g from selling water, boiling water in a pot takes several minutes for one and they sell for 10g each, so it doesn't really take a genius to figure out how much of a time waste this is unless you follow a guide to make an ugly looking and somewhat complicated production system to automate the process, this goes for several other areas too like farming. General controls for vehicles are actually not terrible and work quite well, one negative is that wall climbing is very janky and option bugs out which can be quite annoying in wall climbing challenges.
The maps would be so much better if they were randomly generated with different biomes, but it appears many just recycle over and over with just higher level monsters and dungeons which is a let down, it is entirely possible to unlock two identical islands right next to each other, you can 'destroy' which I believe is essentially the same as reseeding that particular island. Respawning is also a chore and doesn't make that much sense, one of the items is the bed which allows you to respawn on that island but is somewhat useless since there is another item which requires higher level materials which lets you load into that particular spot and without it, each time you go back to your island base you could be a significant distance away.
In closing, Craftopia is more of a MIXED game but has more positives for me to give it a thumbs up but only on a sale, the game has enough content and future content to provide enough enjoyable playtime for casual and hardcore players with the promise of greater and more difficult challenges, just don't expect too much right now.

Review from Steam

Its been a while since i put some many hours in one game. Now ticking on 500 hours I can only say I love it! The engineering factor, the base building, the farming (agriculturally), pet managing it is all adorably there. Heck , if I get cabin fevered on my island, I'll leave for the bosses hunting for those legendary enchantments or unexplored islands. The higher you explore on the world map, the harder the enemies. But not only that. Some island are harder than others, giving you quit some variation on when to tackle them and their bosses.
Inventory management can be a hassle, especially the higher the evolution age you are in, with easily 100+ materials and objects (excluding weapons etc.) But personally I find it soothing sorting all my stuff in all plausible containers and sorting tools the game has to offer. Me and my wife play solo and co-op and I have the possibility to share my base builds between multiple characters. So only positives for me on Craftopia. If I have to put in a negative i can only say my pet flies to slow :D

Review from Steam

Fun game. I don't love how much gold it takes to upgrade your era once you get to a certain level, but gold isn't hard to come by. It just takes a lot of killing and selling stuff to get it.
One BIG downside to this game: on multiplayer, you and all other players have to be in the same map. I'm more into building, and my friend is more into exploring, but I can't stay on our base island and work unless he's there as well, which is boring for him. I basically have to play alone when he's busy with other stuff just so I can get our base built. I'd love it if the developers altered that feature.
All in all, it's definitely worth the price. I like the new stuff they added, I had stopped playing for several months and just checked the patch notes today. I'll be playing it more now.

Review from Steam

The best sandbox survival you'll ever play.
Also you can stuff a child in a capture monster prism, which is like a Pokeball, and then sell them on the market.

Review from Steam

Takes inspiration from Zelda, Pokemon, Minecraft. Instead of one huge open world, you have access to randomly generated small islands you can teleport to. Has you explore, fight, and collect you gain EXP and level up and receive points to allocate skill points into trees to build your character. They have a road map they plan on adding things. Their trailer shows stuff that they havent put in yet but plan to add into the game so dont let that fool you, it truly is a prototype showcase of what is planned (most likely showed for investors and early adopters). While I consider it cheap Id still wait for sales if you are weary of it. I purchased it during the beginning and must say they havent taken a step back yet and everything has been a welcome improvement to the game.