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Cosmonautica is a quirky and unique blend of space trading and crew simulation. Cast off! Are you ready for some hilarious adventures in outer space? Start by boarding a washed-up space cruiser and fulfill your destiny as an aspiring captain on the hunt for fame and fortune. Cosmonautica combines elements of space trading and crew simulation to create a unique experience. Only if you take good care of your crew you will be able to succeed. Do you have what it takes to become the best trader, smuggler, pirate or even space taxi? It’s your choice! Simulated Galaxy - Cosmonautica offers a detailed and amusing trading simulation gameplay that challenges you among others with pirate attacks, diverse quests and unique crew members. Explore a dynamic and procedurally generated galaxy. Every game is different!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Right, so the game, on the surface, is a funny, cute, mini Elite where you just tell your crew to do things rather than doing them yourself. The core gameplay loop is pretty satisfying if you like watching numbers go up once you've figured out a trade route. Upgrading the ship is nice, the cosmetics and general graphics look good, and it's pretty fun just in general.
Once you've gotten deeper into it, though, is where the problems start.
For one, combat is unfulfilling to the max. Since I, at the beginning, had no idea how combat worked, decided to overlevel the heck out of my ship and crew before even trying a combat mission. Once I'd selected a mission "Frag the Cheater" which is a one-star combat mission (read: Easy) and took off to go frag the cheater.
Then one of my crewmates, one of two gunners, decided to get sick. He was still shooting and while his health was going down, it wasn't fast enough to be any major concern unless the battle lasted more than two dozen cycles or so.
I genuinely don't know how long the battle took.
First, the default guns do absolutely fucking nothing; XCOM might miss 90% shots once every ten shots or so, but I've never played a probability-based game where the accuracy was so bad. Every shot I took had at least 70% accuracy rating and I'm assuming the other ship's gunner had about the same, and I was able to completely stop playing, grab my phone from another room, come back, ensure I hadn't taken any damage, set a timer for five minutes, and shoot back and forth with the other ship for the entire timer and neither one take a single bullet; with all of my shots having at least 70% chance to hit.
Finally I managed to get the ship down to low enough health for the owner to call me and request to leave peacefully in exchange for 15000 credits. I thought "that's wayyy too low for what you've put me through." And knocked it up to his maximum amount (19000) and all the cargo aboard his ship. He declined, continued fighting. . . and my gunner died. Just flopped over dead. No notification he needed healing, no warning he needed to rest, just suddenly committed die. Then the enemy ship attempted to run away, at just a slightly slower pace than my ship. So I chased after him, shooting all the way, and of course there's a range limit on how far the bullets can travel before disappearing. So despite my chance to hit being 70% or higher on each shot, all bullets were fading out before reaching their destination, and of course since the target was running his weren't disappearing. So, since my ship's dodge would slow me down too much, I was left with nothing but shields and a slightly faster ship. Finally, I managed to get him down to about two percent of health, and he called to surrender. . . and offered LESS money. LESS. When he was TWO BULLETS FROM DEATH.
I said no, blew him up, and uninstalled.
Perhaps I'm just bad at the game. Perhaps I had one-in-a-million bad luck. Perhaps it just bugged. But I can't bring myself to play a game that advertises itself as having "Exciting Space-Battles, (when it was anything but) One of a kind ships, (when all of them are bricks that are more or less angular) and an "elaborate trading simulation" (that can be figured out with precisely forty seconds of mental effort and the ability to read).
Is it a fun little mobile game? Sure, definitely. Would recommend. Is it a fun little trading simulator? Sure. But despite my combat rant, I do like Cosmonautica, and I am going to recommend it. But it needs work that it's likely never going to get, given it came out six years ago and hasn't been updated for quite some time. Honestly, play this game if you're looking to kill some time in space and you like watching cute little crewmembers run around and do stuff. But don't buy it if you're expecting the Elite: Dangerous DLC for crew management.

Review from Steam

its kinda like sims meet space trade taxi pirate hunt (you can also be pirate if u like) game, alot of customization , humor, silly graphics, crew relationships and so on, make money, buy bigger ship, equip and customize that ship, make more money buy even bigger ship, research tech, research star systems, leave your system, visit new one... endless space sandbox fun, promote your crew, fire crew member, hire better one.... and much much more... simple but nice graphics, can run on toaster pc from stone age... low disk space requirement, less then 1 gb