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Codex Temondera: Lost Vision

Norwich is a town in the western part of the Perdita Kingdom, aswell as being the place where Rayk was born. It was a peaceful town until it was plagued by a number of mysterious disappearances, which was later known as the 'Case of the Lost Vision', as some of the victims would later reappear but deceased with their eyes missing. When Rayk's parents vanished too, he swore to himself that he will figure out what happened back then. 15 years after the Case of the Lost Vision, people began to vanish again. So this where Rayk's journey begins, alongside his childhood friend Selene, he sets out to find out the truth behind these disappearances.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

- this review may contain spoilers, if you donĀ“t mind go ahead.
- First impressions
- Neutral review
Summary: a short-length RPG with fantasy/ adventure elements made in RPGMaker. Features good story, good artwork.
- Game: Codex Temondera: Lost Vision is a short-length RPG with fantasy/ adventure elements made in RPGMaker.
- Story: Play as Rayk (MC) where his parents were the victims of 'Case of the Lost Vision', which the victim just vanishes and reappears already dead with eyes missing. After 15 years, this case is happening again, and Rayk swore to find the truth behind this mystery.
- Gameplay: rpg with exploration, turn-based combat, grinding. Drag and drop inventory system is a good call for avid rpg players.
- VA: N/A.
- Artwork: not bad
- Text/translation: typos were spotted, still playable.
- Soundtrack: good
- Performance/cons: over 1 year without updates, probably is already a dead game; typos still present; the map could be improved, just a misstep and you'll return to the world map, maybe useful (since you can leave anywhere) or not (make exploring harder).
Conclusion: Codex Temondera: Lost Vision is a short-length RPG with fantasy/ adventure elements made in RPGMaker and featuring good story, good artwork, the game UI, battle/ equip/ loot system is pretty interesting, but with typos, bugs, make it frustrating, so I would not recommend it now, but wait for a better version (fixes for the bug and text).

Review from Steam

Overall pretty okay RPG maker game, the system that being used is interesting, but there are some other aspect that might be a turn down as well.
Pros :
- Good character art.
- Interesting loot mechanic & skill system for RPG maker game.
- Kinda difficult but still manageable.
Cons :
- Starting area and other area that with less light actually truly almost pitch black (almost can't see anything, kinda annoying).
- Some area way too big (Like norwich & the wilderness), which turn into wasted resource since don't have much content inside the area.
- NPC filler in town literally crowded and the movement kinda random like a rat rather than a normal human. xD
Minor Cons :
- Kinda unoptimized (for example : when the character going into Inn in Norwich for some reason it feels heavy to move not sure why, sometime Selene char blinking when player interact with some interactive item)
- FPS drop when some animation in battle (poison for example)
I think that's all I can said for now. It is recommended for the person who is patient in playing rpg maker game.
As for the price, it is better to grab one when on Sale.

Review from Steam

Played it for 3 1/2 hours, here's my take.
Solid RPG mechanics, a good hybrid of JRPG and ARPG (the inventory reminded me a bit of Diablo & Victor Vran). The story starts out pretty well and there's a somewhat decent tutorial phase although an explaination of how to search things should be way soon than it is since there are multiple things to search and you don't learn it until after a particular interaction.
The turn-based combat system isn't bad, and the positioning system in battle offers a change to strategy from your standard RPG formula. The game requires mouse/keyboard but that's not a bad thing considering the way inventory works. Combat is fluid enough and easy to understand. In my first playthrough, the first real dungeon/combat area seems to be pretty expansive. I am hoping that the game overall is equally expansive and it's just 2 or 3 of these areas mixed in with lots of back-and-forth on the map. Also, there is a lack of overworld map travelling, sort of like Legend of Dragoon but this could be a good thing as it takes out the tedium. Also battles aren't RNG, you can see them and make efforts to go around them if you want.
The knocks on the game? Interacting with the environment is really awkward and the character hitbox in towns gets stuck on things you don't expect. The buildings are solid hitboxes as well, which means no sneaking behind things to get at what you think are secrets or bonus items. Also there's dozens of interaction items in the maps with no rewards: plan to spend a lot of time searching for nothing or taking damage at random while looking for 1 or 2 items. Also too the battle difficulty is a bit high for a 2-person party at the start and you can easily get overwhelmed, which can deter some people from even making it past the first couple of battles.
It left me with a good impression for the most part. I won't say that I particularly liked the changes to the battle system over your standard JRPG formula, but it does help you focus on the game differently. I believe that it is more accessible to most players thanks to the design. For the price of $14.99 USD I hope that the scope of the first dungeon matches the scope of the game and that you will get plenty of areas to explore and you get appropriate epicness at the end. From what I've seen, I feel like I could enjoy playing through it.
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Review from Steam

Good JRPG with new mechanics for skills checks and a well-developed inventory system. If you are not intimidated by RPG maker, then you may really like this game. See the video for more details.
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Review from Steam

A great game but honestly one i feel which is more suited to us old school style gamers who grew up with the old 8-16Bit consoles. A much more detailed review can be watched here