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CityWarHeroes VR

In 2050, alien spaceships suddenly approach peaceful earth. The spacecraft lands in Incheon, South Korea, making the area a shambles. You'll have to fight against aliens as armed special forces, armed with armor and weapons packed with the most advanced technologies of the future. But aliens are cute ?!

Cute aliens destroy the city and bother people.

Defeat cute aliens and bosses and drive them out of the earth!

- You can experience the future Incheon landmark area through VR.

- As a cute alien on a casual background, it is easily accessible to anyone.

- There are three stages, five monsters, and a boss monster. Six weapons with various functions are introduced.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

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Played using the Rift S
Graphics is colourful, sharp and nice. Look the creatures in the game and that call boss. Guns designs are crazy cool. You can see alot of detail went into them.
Audio is fine for a wave shooter.
Gamplay is fun. There is at this moment in the early access only three levels to play, but they are fun and the last with the boss a little hard. Lots of guns types with cool designs. A few enemy types each with their own cool animations and looks.
I'm very happy with this wave shooter into the start of early access. I didn't find any bugs which is damn good as early access games go.
I mean it's a free to play so I can recommend it.

Review from Steam

Experienced on Windows Mixed Reality
Well, It's free. It's a 180 wave shooter. The visuals looks nice. There's also a nice mix of enemies and guns. However, it does lack polish. The gun mechanics also don't feel quite right. There's just an overall clunkiness to the core gameplay.
There are three modes. One is I guess a level wave shooter where you shoot all enemies in the wave then automatically teleport to the next spot on the map. I beat that quite easily. Then there's a defend mode where you just stay in one spot and the waves just keep coming .. I'm assuming it's an endless wave shooter. Lastly, there's a boss mode where you fight a boss ... duh.
You can choose which skin your fighter has, but since you can't really see yourself, it really doesn't matter what you pick. Guns are holstered to your side and you automatically pick up new guns when you eliminate certain enemies. You can then grab them from your gun holster to use those new guns. The new guns seem to all have limited ammo or limited use. However, you usually have another new gun in your holster so it really doesn't matter.
I think this game may be geared towards kids. I don't know but it really wasn't for me. I'm gonna uninstall, but people newer to VR may appreciate this more than I did.
Rate 5.5/10.

Review from Steam

CityWarHeroes VR is an Early Access Free to play VR wave shooter game. It worked on my HTC Vive system, looked ok, played ok, sounded ok, was understandable. Has a shooting range. Has only single player mode, but they might add a multiplayer mode later. You have 3 missions to try, Guard, Boss and Destroy.
Try this, if you like wave shooter games.

Review from Steam

It's a fun free wave shooter, however, it's pretty rough but still worth a download.