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About the GameNotes from the developer:
-This is not a puzzle game, in Citystate there is no right combination to build a successful Nation. This is a sandbox, old school style in which most building tools are unlocked at start. There are no guided mandatory steps apart from a short independent tutorial.
-There is very little micro management to do in Citystate, no public facilities to build or bus lines to organize. This game is about macro management and economics, seeing the big picture and experimenting with political ideologies.
-The game mechanics are based on today’s world economy. Policies’ effects try to mimic nations of the modern world and their intrinsic differences. Citystate is often politically incorrect and possibly biased.
-The game is specifically designed for mature audiences.

Technical description:
Citystate is a city-builder and a political sandbox in which you plan, build and rule a micro nation from scratch. Design your map, your flag, name your State and pass the first policies! Face with a hardcore economic system, experiment with political orientations and city-planning strategies to make your Nation strive toward success!

  • + Realistic urban growth patterns, land value based dynamics.
  • + Low income, middle income and upper income residential buildings.
  • + Industrial zones, evolving from basic factories to high tech industries.
  • + Commercial zones, evolving from small stores to malls, and tall office towers.
  • + Arcologies, government buildings, parks and special unlockable buildings.
  • + Modern true skyscrapers with 50+ floors.
  • + 3 road types, monorail, airport and seaport.

  • + One demand bar per social class.
  • + Trade capacity / Infrastructures.
  • + GDP growth rate.
  • + Credit rating / Bonds.
  • + Tourism
  • + Demographics (population growth, poverty rate, income inequality,...).

  • + Freedom Index (free market) VS Civil Rights Index (progressive).
  • + Education, Health-care and Justice budgets.
  • + 26 forms of government, from communist dictatorship to libertarian anarchy.
  • + Slums and urban decay.
  • + Illegal immigration, army and riots.

  • + Large maps up to 4x4 miles (6.4x6.4km).
  • + Region mode with 20 available maps.
  • + Flag Creator.
  • + Resource management / exhaustion.
  • + Sandbox mod (unlimited money).
  • + Space expansion with 20 planets to colonize.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Has very good aspects of macro-econs for lay person like meself. Can't wait for the second Citystate game to come out!

Review from Steam

Easily better than the sequel

Review from Steam

Fun to play if you wanna use up a bit of time.

Review from Steam

I'm not the smartest person when it comes to knowing about the governmental laws and how they function, but it is really fun t just mess around with random laws anyways and see what makes your city thrive better.

Review from Steam

A nice spin on SimCity. This game lets you feel more in control and have a lot more freedom. The city building itself is very simplified and there's a lot less you need to do, which kinda makes it more enjoyable. I picked it up for $3 CAD on sale and honestly $20 seems a bit much but it depends on how you value things.
This is a recommendation from me, though.

Review from Steam

It is a blast to be the builder of a city and government! This game requires strategic thinking to succeed. It is also really neat to try out all the different forms of government!

Review from Steam

I play this game to relax. Sometimes my people riot, and it's not so relaxing. But other times, suppressing riots with a giant army and building walls to keep immigrants out, is exactly the mood I am in. Other times, I surround my city with a road built on the ocean to keep all the immigrant boats from sinking and try to grow the biggest population possible. It's nice that you can create a town for whatever level of dictatorship you feel like having.