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City Play

CityPlay is an indie developed city builder simulation-strategy game. Create your own 2D isometric adventure city by placing all the buildings as you like no zoning in City Play.

The player's main task is to build houses so that more and more people move to the city. The residents can only move in if there are enough jobs and there are enough shops and basic supply system such as a fire department or the police department. The stores are use up the wheat, meat and merchandise however they produce revenue which can be used to build more buildings. As the city evolves and more and more people move to the regions, they open up new opportunities and new buildings: town hall, service buildings and recreational facilities awaiting new tenants.

- high quality building graphics,
- more than 80 different types of buildings,
- changing vehicle traffic on the roads, animated cars and buses,
- a unique road construction system,
- strategy and simulation: together in one city builder tycoon
- fun game play in a unique tycoon game,
- city builder game for all ages,
- be a city building tycoon,
- artificial intelligence based on real simulation of in and out moving tenants
- unexpected catastrophe simulations,
- Travis the city adviser will give you hints,
- continuous updates and bug fixes.

The players have to pay attention: sometimes accidents happen, fires and robberies that may affect your city, so you must have sufficient supplies in all regions, sufficient parks so that residents are always happy to occupy the new regions. Happy citizens will help grow your city and create more income for you to spend improving your city even bigger.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

UPDATE 5/27/16: There have been some changes/fixes/enhancements, but I wanted to let the original review stand, so I'll mention the new stuff here.
The Housing, Shops, Jobs, and Safety sliders now all work in the same manner and it's much more intuitive (no more confusion over when to build shops!) This was the one confusing point I had with the interface originally, but now that's been fixed. In addition, the mousewheel zooming is more intuitive (up to zoom in, down to zoom out), and there is now a proper exit game button.
The dev has been kind and collaborative with players, and has asked for and considered (and in some cases, then implemented) player suggestions. Compared to most games on Steam, this is a game with a smaller scope, and a smaller price point, so having this kind of dev response to game issues is really refreshing.
This game is cute and relaxing. I have to admit the negative reviews put me off, but I kept being drawn in by the screenshots and the videos. So, I decided to buy it and make my own decision. If it simply didn't work, I could get a refund.
I'm not going to refund. I've had a blast playing this game. As soon as I figured out how to manage the "Build Shops" meter, it's been very entertaining to place my colorful little isometric buildings and watch my city grow.
Basically, build housing. Build industry to gather materials. Build offices or factories for jobs. Then, when people start moving in (build a LOT of housing... that's the only way the population will start to really grow), your Build Shops meter will move. Build ONE shop, and give it about 15 minutes to let it get supplied with materials and then it'll start generating cash for you. Then, just build more when the meter moves to the right.
Beautify your city with parks and playgrounds, and make sure things are safe by placing your fire station and police station.
The larger your population gets, the more shops and different kinds of housing open up.
I enjoyed SimCity back in the day, but it was a little micromanagey for me what with the power grid and water pumps and zoning, etc. This little game is truly pick up and play, and you don't have to invest a lot of time into every session... but I can't help that I have. :)
I'm not going to say everyone else's negative reviews are wrong, but I sincerely don't understand what they were expecting... except for that one reviewer who was somehow expecting power and sewage and curved roads... all for under $4. Wut.
I love the game for what it is, but then... I have reasonable expectations.
UPDATE: Just hit 250 population and I got my first disaster! I about jumped out of my skin, because up until now, things have been calm and quiet and peaceful. I started hearing traffic noise, which was cool... and then *crash*! Looked like a traffic accident with the yellow triangle. Luckily, I had not one, but TWO hospitals at this point, and a little icon appeared on the hospital so I figured I'd try to click it. Well, the accident was cleared up with some pretty cool sound effects and I got some gold coins out of it. :)
UPDATE 2: Just hit 400+ population and my cops just busted a car thief! :D I've also had one apartment fire and one office fire. I built schools and schoolbuses are now driving around town with the cop cars and the fire trucks and the ambulances. I can finally build penthouses!

Review from Steam

The more I play this, the more I like it. I like the resource management; you can cut down trees, mine, grow food, etc. Those resources are used to build, give food to the market, etc.
The game is confusing at first. In order to place a building you have to hold down the left mouse button and drag the building to a road. I think some people might get frustrated right away and give up. I'd recommend changing this in the next update to: just press the building you want to place once with the left mouse button, then drag it around (without holding the button down), and then click the left mouse button once more to place.
You can speed up a buildings production speed by pressing the + icon; this is a nice feature as it costs more to rush production so you plan better.
The population won't grow above 0 at all until you have everything you need; a little confusing at first.
Am I required to always be online? If so I'd like offline available. If I'm required to be online all the time I've learned from the game Simcity that this could severly limit the number of sims, lag, etc. and makes the game to simple.
I don't see the option for freeways, trains, busses, etc. I'd like commuting, larger buildings, workers going to and from, etc. If commuting and traffic are added this could really boost the fun factor in this game. (I do see some cars going to work, but it's pretty simple atm. and only roads available.)
The map size can be expanded which is good; probably could still go bigger imo.
It's a good start, but I'd like to see more features particulary in transportation options. It's definitely worth the buy imo.

Review from Steam

It´s a charming little game. It has a few issues but nothing that couldn´t be resolve and nothing that takes away too much from the gameplay itself. As someone pointed out it does have a bit of a mobile feel to it and in my case it was very welcomed because this game fits the "sit back and relax" type of genre. And hey! it costs less than 4€.

Review from Steam

Fun little game to pass the time.

Review from Steam

I really like this game. Its chill to play. And there is no action in this game, what is very good.

Review from Steam

It's a cute game but plopping down roads is a bit out of date. It would be cool if you can click and drag a road.
Production and building takes more time then needs to be in a game like this.
For the price you pay, it a fun way to pass the time. (So you get what you pay for.)

Review from Steam

It has some issue, but basicly a good game. Maybe made a little faster