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Welcome to ChromaTec’s test lab! You’re here to test our newest, state-of-the-art military-grade color-technology: The ChromaGun (patent pending)! Use it to try and solve our meticulously designed test chambers. The basic principle is as easy as applying it is complex: Exit the chambers via the exit doors. But be weary of the WorkerDroids in charge of maintaining the chambers. They’re not exactly what you and I would call “human friendly”. Use the ChromaGun to colorize walls and WorkerDroids to progress in the chambers. WorkerDroids are attracted to walls of the same color. Using that mechanic, try to reach the exit door of each chamber. Some doors are more complicated to use than others: They can only be opened using door triggers and only stay open as long as the triggers are occupied.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Surprisingly awesome game.
I'm glad I ignored the negative reviews and bought this anyway because they mostly boil down to these arguments:
1) This game is not as iconic or as great as Portal.
I mean, no duh? You're comparing the Valve behemoth against this indie studio. I agree the story is barebones and could be richer but damn, man, lower your expectations for a game that you snatched for $2.59. The story is rather lacking but the gameplay is polished nicely.
2) You can't unpaint walls and droids, so you can get stuck easily.
It's a valid point but having an unpaint button would break most puzzles and defeat the whole challenge. Getting stuck is not a good design choice but the game wouldn't work otherwise. I wish it simply had quicksave/quickload though.
But the real issue here is that early levels can feature 2-3 small puzzles in one go so if you screw up the last bit you have to redo the rest. This isn't a big problem on its own but it makes you worry that you'll have to restart/redo a lot more later on. You won't. Later when puzzles get more challenging they are always short and one-at-a-time, so if you do screw up and get stuck you just think "ah okay I can't do that, let's try again" and retry.
TL;DR this is not ideal but it's much less of an issue that some people claim it to be.
3) The game requires (as one reviewer said) "ridiculous reflexes".
That's a huge overexaggeration. There are indeed two chase sequences and a few levels with timed elements. For those you'll need some absolute basic FPS gaming skills to somewhat quickly aim and fire at a few walls in a row for instance. Personally I found it to be trivial in difficulty. Anyone who played counter-strike or whatever for five minutes should be able to do it as well. There's some 70 year old reviewer who couldn't get through the game so I guess there is some barrier to it? But seriously, even Portal itself is more demanding than this. You'll be fine.
Anyways, I enjoyed it quite a lot. It's one of those puzzle games that stays creative from start to end. Instead of becoming overly obscure and complex it keeps introducing new ways to interact with the game mechanics. Basically for the most part it's "here's something new and cool, figure it out" every few levels rather than "ok here's the same thing but MUCH harder". I loved that about Chromagun.
I was worried that I won't be able to handle color-mixing puzzles but it honestly wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. You just have 6 different colors (3 basic + 3 from mixing), not counting black that you get by painting something more than twice. It turns out it's not hard to wrap your head around that at all.

Review from Steam

It's a fun puzzle game. A Portal clone with paint and attractions instead of portals. A little short and way too easy, but worth the money. You can play community stages after you complete the game, or speedrun the main quest. Recommended.

Review from Steam

Neat little puzzle game using colors and attraction to compose challenges for the player.
Took me 3.5h to finish and then I sweeped up the rest of the achievements, so I'd say it's easy so complete 100% (some puzzles require a bit of speed/reaction). Progressing through the chapters, you get different types of problems to solve and I felt there was the right amount of levels for each chapter. There were only a few rooms that slowed me down. It pays tribute to the big one, nice one devs. ;)

Review from Steam

pretty ok puzzle game. it was inspired by portal from the jokes to the game play. it is nothing special but it is worth the 3 and half hours of brain training.
i do recommend it :)