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Chess'Extra is a new free chess game with a 10x10 board and 2 new pieces: Priest and Assassin.
Additional game modes "Traps", "Reinforcements", "Fog of war" and "Random positions" are available.
Basic Chess available.

You can play against AI or yourself, and create or join a lobby.
Gain money against AI or an opponent to unlock customized boards, and colors for your pieces.

Assassin's moves:

Assassin's captures:

Priest's moves and captures:

If a Pawn is captured by a Priest, it will be converted to the same color and placed at the Priest's previous position:
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

A free chess variant with two new pieces (priest and assassin) played on a 10x10 board. Fun for chess variant enthusiasts looking to try something new. The dynamics of the game are quite different from regular chess as the larger board slows the pace of the early game. The new pieces are both short range pieces making it necessary to carefully consider how best to position them later in the game. The rooks, bishops, and queen all become much more valuable and viable for play earlier in the game when picking off undefended pieces across the larger board. The minor pieces (priest, assassin, knight) serve mostly to create breakthrough opportunities.
Aside from the new pieces this variant also overs several options like additional starting pawns, a trap option, a fog of war option which obscures your vision to any square not attacked by one of your pieces, as well as a random position option (for those familiar with fischer random or chess 960 that's what this option is). The trap option in particular was quite fun as it allows both players to 'trap' a square along the 4&5 rows for white or 6&7 rows for black. The trap works by stopping the movement of any piece that was trying to cross it for one turn. Example: If a rook was trying to move from A1 to A8 and crossed a trap on A6 it would stop on A6 instead of A8.
The priest piece being able to convert captured pawns to the players side was also quite neat although I feel that it could have perhaps needed the option to change which color squares it moves along to give it more utility like the assassin and prevent it from being color bound like the bishop.
But anyway I would strongly recommend this game. The UI and Graphics are pleasing and straightforward and the AI is a capable enough to offer a bit of a challenge for single player mode. A multiplayer option for online play is available as well as a solo option if you want to test things out or play with a friend using the same computer.