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The game of kings for the PC - play against different computer opponents in various difficulty levels, watch and analyze famous chess games or play a game of chess over the Internet.

The 3D view allows you to rotate and zoom the chessboard freely and varity is provided by many different boards, and sets of pieces as well as a physically realistic behavior. You can even throw the figures off the board whenever you are annoyed by a lost game. Some sets of pieces are animated and you can watch the figures walking and fighting in various environment scenes such as dungeon, medieval and graveyard.

A selection of strong chess engines offers you a variety of challenging gameplay when playing against the computer. Third-party chess engines can also be easily added if the UCI protocol is supported.

Already included are hundreds of historical chess games which can be watched and continued at any point. Additional games can be imported in PGN format. Network games via a local network or the Internet are also supported.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Bought the game mainly for casual playing and for training purposes.
Graphics are overall ok. The animated pieces are fun to watch and the standard boards and pieces are looking all good.
Some engines are playing quite strong and rookies will have a hard time to win a match, but i haven't tested out every one yet. I can surely recommend this game for that price.

Review from Steam

It's okay. There always seems to be the wonky camera or lame angle issue with all these chess programs, but there is the 2-board in the corner, so I do appreciate & use that. Also, if you'd like to play a buddy online, you'll need to enter in their IP address -- c'mon, really!? But at least there is the means to play a friend (unlike most of these chess programs on Steam). I don't mind that the graphics aren't great -- in fact, I like that it doesn't take much effort for my pc to run it, & it reminds me of cool retro games from the 80's, so it's probably more entertaining for us old farts. There is a large variety of interesting, semi-nifty chess boards & pieces, okay music, (even though Pure Chess has the best music so far) and good chess engines with up to 9 levels. I just wish that all these chess programs would allow you to transfer your game (not just the notation) to FB, without having to record it with another program. That would be cool. Maybe if they made a patch & allowed that, it might even be worth $19.00. But right now, $10 is the maximum, & that seems accurate. Also, it's much better than all of the Fritz engines because it fairly user-friendly, especially with setting up a position. So save yourself money & get this instead. Overall, I'd say, it's decent, but you won't be thrilled & dancing around your living room by it either.

Review from Steam

cool game