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Cat Quest

Leap into a grand adventure in purrsuit of the evil Drakoth and your catnapped sister! Explore Felingard's huge overworld map, risk life and limb delving into dungeons for epic loot, and lend a paw to a furry cast of characters in a flurry of side quests. Combat in Cat Quest takes place entirely in real time, allowing you to get close to enemies with a slash of your blade, dodge roll to avoid a counter-attack, and then finish them off with powerful magic! Wield the ancient spells of Lightnyan, Flamepurr, and Healpaw to vanquish your foes!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

An okay action RPG, wrapped in a catpun world!
Story Catpuns
I think the game starts with a story about an abduction, but I honestly can't remember, because the game is one large chain of cat puns. Set in a world with Santa Claws (or was it his imposter?) and dragons as your enemies. I'm sorry to be so vague, this game is vague for me.
The world is not that big, at some point you learn waterwalk to reach higher level areas. At some point you even learn flying, so you can traverse the map even quicker.
Combat and spells
Your hero cat can learn seven spells, but somehow can 'equip' only four. There is a standard selection of spells, AOE damage spells of different nature, a heal and a selfbuff. Spells require mana, which can be generated by meleeing enemies.
Enemies' spells and abilities are indicated by a red area, giving you a chance to dodge. To make this easier, you have a tumble, to quickly move five feet.
All combat is kinda the same. Cast spells, traps work well for damage, hit hit dodge hit spell hit hit... Something along those lines, there's not a lot of variation.
Cat Quest is a very happy game with bright colours and very catchy happy music. The way our cat hops around, the puns, the dialogues, everything screams happy! But is there a good aRPG underneath? Hmmmeehhh, not really in my opinion. All things together makes this game worth a look though.
Best thing about this game
Saving. At catnip spots in towns the cat jams his head to the ground, falling asleep. It cracks me up every time! Epic!!!
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Review from Steam

Let me describe the experience of 100%ing this game.
In order to properly experience Cat Quest you need to finish it 5 times. This allows you to play the base game where you take your time and explore, fight, loot, and learn the mechanics of the game. The first run you're slow and stupid - read all the dialogue, explore, die to wizards, waste your money on spells that aren't Flamestrike, not realise that the Berzerk spell exists.
Then you go in Mew Game + which lets you replay the whole game but with some additional modifiers (and increased difficulty). You realise that everything you thought you knew about the game is wrong. In the first run, the difficulty was easy - kid stuff. What do kids need: armour. Forget about it - you're all grown up now - you're gonna play this game on a much harder difficulty, and you're gonna do it without armour. See people online talking about how amazing the Spike spell is, waste all your money on it, and then think it's crap. What took you 10 hours to complete in the base game will somehow only take you 2.5h in Mew Game+, even without any armour and with increased difficulty.
Then you're gonna do it all over again - no armour, but this time make the enemies even harder because you hate yourself. They're gonna take twice as many hits, and they're gonna absolutely decimate you. The mere sight of a wizard will make you want to cry. Realise that the Spike spell is god's gift to earth and is ridiculous if used correctly. Somehow, this run only takes you 2h to complete. By the end of this, you've learned the dodge patterns for every enemy in the game. You've learned what spells to use and when - and in what combinations. You understand this game.
Then you're gonna do this AGAIN - no armour, stronger enemies - and now one more challenge - if you die 9 times, it's Game Over. Kid stuff. This is pretty much the same as above, but be a tiny bit more careful. By now you are a god - you dodge at the right time, you sneak a single attack because you know that you have a .5s window before their attack connects. This is pretty much as hard as the game will get (while still being complete-able).
You did it. So many hours in this game - you've gone through it 4 times already. What's left to do - a victory lap. Pick up the last 2 modifiers and go to town on the poor monsters of the land. You can use god-tier gear - your hits completely erase bosses, your spells do so much damage it's hard to even see it in the sea of text. Channel your inner speedrunner. Half an hour and the game is over.
What I've just described above is the experience of 100%ing this game. Maybe I just suck at video games but I did not find runs 2-4 easy at all. They were challenging, especially in the beginning, and required concentration and mastery of the (admittedly simple) mechanics.
I fully recommend this game. It's worth the £10 - either for a 10h chill adventure with cat puns, or for the 8-10h of challenge that comes afterwards.
TL;DR: 100%ing this game will make you say 'I think I'm a dog person now'.

Review from Steam

Has cats and quests.

Review from Steam

😻Purrfect game.😻

+ Meowtastic graphics
+ Overmeowingly cute
+ Pawsome music
+ Gameplay
+ Cats

- A lot of fetch side quets

Hearthbreaking story.

Easy to play, simple yet fun.

Playtime: 5-10 hours

Achievements: challenging, XP grinding and 4 extra playthroughs required. (around 2 hours each and one short 30 mins)

🐈🐈🐈🐈 / 10

Review from Steam

Extremely fun game that takes about 6 hours or so, to beat. And even then, there's New Game + (stylized as "Mew Game Plus") in which you can add negative modifiers, to make the game harder to beat. For me, I'm probably not going to start another playthrough because I've seen almost all that the game has to offer, but for some of you completion fiends, there's hours of replayability! (there's even a special set of gear that only unlocks if you've beaten the game on different modifiers! Cool!)
The main quest revolves around the main character trying to find his sister that was abducted. Most of the side quests are pretty repetitive (fetch quests, go here to do this, etc.) but they're how you level up and get gold to upgrade spells and weapons. Also, they never feel as repetitive as they probably should be.
There are a total of 7 spells, but in my one playthrough, I used a total of 3 - Flamepurr, Healing Paw, Lightnyan. Healing Paw essentially becomes useless in the second half of the game, especially if you don't upgrade it, because your health increases so much with leveling and the gear you equip. tl;dr? Only 2 spells really have relevant least, on the first playthrough. Other spells might be of more use on playthroughs with modifiers.
The humor, music and overall gameplay is top-notch, though! I never once got bored throughout the entire playthrough, even during grindy parts and fetch quests.
I bought this game for $1 on Fanatical as part of their "build your own Bumper" bundle, so definitely take that into consideration. If I knew nothing about this game and only went off text reviews, would I buy this game at full price on Steam (currently $12.99 at the time of this review)? Probably not. But after watching a couple of videos of the gameplay, I hope you know that this game is an absolute gem, and worth it to buy, even if you don't get it at a deep discount.

Review from Steam

Such a cute little game! As someone who generally doesn't enjoy combat, I found fighting as an adorable cat quite fun. A good use of 12 hours.

Review from Steam

A simple and elegant RPG that's not too punishing. Though it is a bit pun-ishing. If you don't like cat puns stay away. Otherwise if you like an action RPG that is fluid from start to finish this cat may be your bag. Let him out.
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