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Castle Of Collapse

It is the hardest of all platform games. It wouldn't be wrong to say HardSouls.
If you don't trust your reflexes, stay away from this game.
Because after you start playing the game, you will be defeated dozens of times.

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Surprise enemies and gifts await you on every step.
Don't forget to open the chests.
And don't look down!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

is gama is very gut1!1! Es teasches you how to spiele very advantze!1!1! du need to laern all mekaniks VBVERY hard two gewinn.... Olny if you tränir VERY VERY VERY much du hast schances two win1!!!!!!!1!
Sory für me englisch!!!!!!!
much love!11111!!!11!!!!!!1!!!!1

Review from Steam

Bruh, the game kicked me because i was too bad.

Review from Steam

Nice Game, but what do i need to do to get the Achivements?