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Carrier Command 2 VR

Carrier Command 2 is Strategy, Planning and Teamwork on a scale that is both engaging and manageable. True to MicroProse's heritage, Carrier Command 2 is all about meaningful decisions.

Command and ControlTake command of a carrier and operate its systems to launch your offensive and conquer the Archipelago. Get in the shoes of an admiral and lead from the front.

StrategizeGather intel from your vehicles’ radars, pick your tools of the trade, and launch your attacks where the enemy presence is thinner. The approach you take to a situation will play a big part in the outcome.

PlanOnce you have taken an island you will need to exploit and defend the resources it provides. Ensuring these supply lines remain open will be key to your survival. Think ahead.

TeamworkMake the most of different unit types synergies and create combined arms assaults to efficiently win battles. On top of that, get into each and every vehicle and take part in the action!

An illustrious heritageCarrier Command is an ’80s strategy classic well known for its unique blend of strategy and vehicle simulation. The legend is back!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

On launch, this VR port was the worst VR port I've ever experienced. The review score should tell you everything.
But the devs have been amazingly forthcoming. Since its launch, the game has received fixes almost every day or two. As of now, most of the big issues have been fixed (and it took them less than 2 weeks!). Even on my Quest 2, which isn't even supported officially.
Right now in its current state, it's still quite rough around the edges. But already it's probably the best strategy game you can play in VR and the only grand strategy game in VR that I know of.
I'm pretty sure this title will have a bright future, especially considering what a great game Geometa has previously made with Stormworks.

Review from Steam

This review is for the developers who have put in a good deal of effort into a VR implementation and are getting raked over the coals by the rabid VR consumer base.
THANK YOU for providing VR support in this title. Ever since I first heard of the game it sounded amazing for VR and I had *not* heard you were actually going to support it. Thank you for your efforts.
The game is *awesome*. I could launch drones all day, and watch them from whatever vantage points I choose. The scale is just so incredible and it's great to just be able to explore your ship fully. Every action takes time and the scale is so interesting and real.
Yes, there's better VR implementations. Yes there's a lot of VR features that people come to expect that are missing, but this game has a potential that is unmatched. Please don't give up on VR just because there's so much negative here in the reviews. I know it can be so frustrating to see such harsh words, especially in these still-early days of VR where not every studio has experience and not every developer is even into VR. Dogfooding this stuff is tough as everyone has different expectations with what VR is. Thank you for your efforts and thank you for supporting VR.
EDIT: Game now has smooth locomotion. Also you can disable the automatic screen zoom/tilt when using displays, when you do this you no longer change position AT ALL when interacting with a display. SO MUCH BETTER, it's amazing how much these two little changes affect immersion. (That said now I want the HoloMap to use position-relative movement, you can look at it from every angle but it always controls from the seat position.) Thank you again for your efforts and I'm looking forward to playing the game even more now. Just spent this morning watching the sun rise over the deck on an alien world.

Review from Steam

Reviews of the game are better to read on noVR version of the game, here most of negative reviews are not related to the game itself, it's about bad implementation of VR, but most of the problems have already been fixed, the game is great, I been waiting for such a RTS in VR for a long time.

Review from Steam

My new favourite VR game.
Had a rocky start VR wise but after the latest update 12 days after launch I'm loving it on my Rift S.
My main issue was no zoom but this has been fixed with a gimbal zoom function and it now works really well.
They have also added smooth motion, teleport didn't bother me that much but it is more immersive now for sure.
It hasn't been developed for the Rift S so controls need to be figured out which isn't ideal but once you do it is an awesome VR experience probably my favourite due to the game mechanics. There is nothing quite like controlling an aircraft carrier flying jets, firing TV missiles then airlifting land units all in VR :)
As a PSA on the Rift S it's latest update now left joystick press for manual/auto toggle of a vehicle and right joystick press for support weapon select A/X to select vehicle weapon or camera etc.
Older version for the Rift S used to be double tap X for manual mode when in a vehicle X and A to select item/weapon double tap A to change Carrier support weapon.

Review from Steam

MicroProse, fu¢k yeah! Got it to play in VR. It's not perfect but they are working on it. Probably the best strategy game I have played in VR.

Review from Steam

Modern (pseudo-sci fi) naval tactics experienced first hand from the tower of a carrier with the possibility of a multi-role crew is a novel experience, particularly in VR. The game's price point is arguably too high, but if compared to VR price points, it is not terribly off.
VR Version Specific Comments:
As an Index user, the VR controls are fine; whatever awkwardness exists with the controls currently is from the logic of the non-VR game -- you 'use' a screen to interface with it, but this locks you into that screen's functions until you hit a 'back' button. Both VR and non-VR of this game have this quirk that requires some acclimation, however, it is most jarring and unintuitive in VR.
I have mostly stable framerate but it does drop occasionally; you would not expect this, though, as the graphics are very low texture/retro -- there may be performance issues.

Review from Steam

OK - I waited several weeks since launch to give the devs time to update and fix the VR experience - and it works great on my Oculus Quest 2!
I really loved the original Carrier Command (Atari ST!) and even Gaea Mission. This new Carrier Command is awesome - a sorta chill game though with heart pumping action at times. This works great with VR. Play with the locomotion settings, and the 'world scale', and make sure you have a good graphics card for this (I do have the recommended 3080Ti). I recommend this!