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Cannon Brawl

Pilot an airship, command powerful weapon emplacements like cannons, giant flamethrowers, and high-powered lasers. Destroy the very earth from under your enemies feet! Cannon Brawl is an exciting mix of real time strategy and artillery gameplay. Your ability to manage combat priorities and focus through the madness of battle will be put to the test. Advance across the kingdom in single player to unlock and discover new units, then experiment with each one to find your favorite combination in online multiplayer. Choose from over fifteen units and five airship pilots for a huge variety of strategic combinations. Want to turtle up and launch big warheads from afar? You can! Want to rush to the high ground and launch a rain of missiles from above? You can! Try out tons of other strategies and crush your friends!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

loved this game since i first saw it, shout out to YAW for getting me hooked

Review from Steam

Cannon brawl is a great RTS local game to get. Played with my siblings right on the couch. Then solo the game yourself. Looking for a simple local game for a rainy day, this one is worth adding to the library.

Review from Steam

Should be a best-seller.
Cannon Brawl has the best 2-player gameplay and the best music of any game ever.