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Blues and Bullets

Eliot Ness, the former leader of the legendary Untouchables, wished only to spend the rest of his days working in his diner, not dwelling too much on the cesspit of corruption his city, Santa Esperanza, had degenerated into. But things rarely go as planned. When children suddenly start to disappear and the police just simply a blind eye, Eliot decides to take the law into his own hands, track down the culprit and bring him to justice by any means necessary, even if he has to abandon his dreams of a peaceful life and again get embroiled in shootouts with the usual array of assassins and hoodlums. Helped by various characters from some unexpected places, the player must guide Eliot through the increasingly morbid and decadent scenarios searching for clues to solve the cases in the five episodes of this season's Blues and Bullets.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

So this was a really hard game to know whether to recommend. What you need to know before getting into the game is that the developers went bust and so there will likely never be an Episode 3, 4 and 5.
Therefore, my recommendation comes in the knowledge that this is an incomplete experience. The story is incredibly gritty and the whole artstyle and vibe of the game really helps to reinforce how messed up the whole situation underpinning the game's story is. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes, I think the game is really well written and sometimes the choices it gets you to make are quite hard.
Some characters are hit and miss, and sometimes there does appear to be a lack of polish in areas (mostly looking at you, controls).
This game is a risky pick up, because you'll never know the end of the story and won't get to experience 3/5 of the developer's original intentions. But as standalone episodes I honestly think that it's a good experience and you should get about 3-4 hours total out of the content that was released in the end. Perhaps there's almost some poetic irony there that this game's protagonist was haunted by an unsolved case from his time as a cop and the game itself leaves you, the player, haunted by an unresolved case due to bankruptcy.