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Blown Away

Blown away is a singleplayer explorer game filled with puzzles, obstacles and hidden locations. The game takes place in a civilization called Yhorba influenced by bubbles. One day the machine that provides the protective bubble around the island breaks down. This caused the island to fall down and crash on the abandoned planet underneath. Your goal is to repair the machine to restore the protective bubble. To do so you must find the mechanical parts that are scattered around the abandoned planet. By solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles and explore hidden areas, the main character can locate these mechanical parts.

  • Meet Mylo!
    Mylo is our hero, he is the engineer of the city. He's tasked with repairing the bubble machine, so the island can float back to safety.

  • Explore the world of Yhorba
    Let's take you with us to a new world ready to explore for all of you. The world of Yhorba is surrounded by beautiful and colorful forests and soothing lakes. In Yhorba you will come to peace. But beware for the shadows and everything that lurks within them.

  • An unique weapon.
    Have you ever heard of a hurdy gurdy? Well you have now! A hurdy gurdy is a string instrument that provides a soothing and unique sound. This instrument has been modified into your own bubble weapon. Get to know your own special weapon and it's rich sounds.

  • Pick up your controller.
    You can play this game either on your keyboard and with a mouse but for the full experience you can try out Blown Away with a controller.

  • And last but not least..
    Have fun exploring the world of Yhorba and let Mylo take you on an adventure of a lifetime.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

-I do enjoy how creative the puzzle where for each level to make you think
-I enjoy the design and details of the game
-the game was smooth
- I like the villagers
- i did have trouble with the shooting the slime again the plants as it would pop as soon as i fire
- sometime you can't interact with the box to grab it and had to get into a certain position/place to do it
- when interacting with the villagers you can still move around with the text box still there and you had to press the button to remove it. same with the tutorial on screen about the controls. its not bad but better you are pause in pause when reading the dialogue and instruction
-freezing the enemy with the slime is fine but i do prefer to killing it as well
I can see it having potential to add new stuff and improve on. With it being a student project is a good starting point to learn and improve on and think of new ideas of puzzle to add. Overall, the game is good and it a nice chill game to sit back and play

Review from Steam

Full playthrough here:
This game is wildly fun the amount of abuse you can do to these stages with the mechanics provided shouldn't be legal. The game itself isn't difficult, but figuring out how you can abuse the game to the utmost adds a bit of creativity and challenge in and of itself. Definitely recommend checking this game out I do wish there was more of an ending scene though that's about my only complaint.

Review from Steam

Lovely gameplay, cozy and fun world to explore with many lil details to discover. Love the ost and intro cutscene!
The game has a lot of potential, so hopefully there'll be some levels added in the future!

Review from Steam

A good game to speedrun. its also very fun and beautiful.

Review from Steam

4K Ultra wide support with differnts HZ? Yes please. Fun game, speedrunable, using exploits you can skip a lot of puzzles. Like using dubble bubble, yes yes. Great strat to overcome huge waters, and combining this with jumping on walls gives you the opportunity to skip 50% of all the puzzles. This made the game more fun in my opinion.

Review from Steam

Review at:
This is a very impressive game that I enjoy playing. There is enough puzzle and explanation that anyone can play to have fun and relax.