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Bloody Rally Show: Prologue

My next game, inspired by Factorio, RimWorld and FTL

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About the GameBloody Rally Show: Prologue is an introduction edition of Bloody Rally Show game.

  • Race against other players in Daily Challenge - an asynchronous multiplayer event with daily leaderboards
  • Play through first 3 weeks in Campaign Mode - you can do this with your friends in local split screen co-op or vs
  • Have quick races and battles in procedurally generated environments
  • Experience the full blown Track and Car Editors that can be used to create content for the full version

Prologue adds the following limitations on the full game:
  • Campaigns are limited to 3 weeks of the first season. Full game campaigns have 7 weeks and multiple seasons.
  • Campaign options cannot be changed
  • Custom Race is unavailable
  • Achievements and Leaderboards are unavailable, with exception of Daily Challenge Leaderboard
  • Steam Workshop and mods are unavailable

This version will stay free forever!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This reminds me of GTA 2. The developer states no DLC and thoughtfully supplies a map editor with the I've designed my own zombie apocalypse track :))))) Plus there's a car editor. And this is freeware.