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Biathlon Battle VR

Biathlon Battle VR is an active sports game. It combines both skiing at beautiful slopes and shooting with a rifle to win a competition. Your body would thank for your activity!

Imagine you are on a real slope breathing a frosty air in mountains skiing at high speed and enjoying great views around. We at Animar Media tried to do our best to simulate the game for Virtual Reality headset with great graphics details allowing deep VR feelings!


  • Skiing race and target shooting. Just like in real biathlon!

  • Your rivals are sportsmen from 9 countries. Can you beat them?

  • Germany, Austria, Canada – you'll race on unique tracks.

  • Buy skis and rifles. Get the best sports equipment!

  • Try a new rifle at the Shooting Range before buying it.

  • Championship Mode – complete series of races and get cups!

  • Storyline – build your sports career from a beginner to a Major League player!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

"Just Because You Can Shoot, Doesn't Mean You Can Be A Biathlete"
A quote that I think can be right,
Real life cross-country skiing and VR shootouts are for me the closest experiences I can relate to Biathlon, unfortunately I haven't gotten closer than this, without counting 'Biathlon Battle VR', because Virtual Reality is again that solution to get 'just ' that little closer to the experience.
Watch my first gameplay here:
Biathlon, a sport in which every athlete can participate, but which not every athlete is intended for,
I can imagine how hard this sport can be, especially in bad weather.
Anyway, the sport didn't originate as a sport but was invented by Scandinavian hunters, and not just modern ones, but this literally goes way back in history, you have to point it out to them and especially in the old times, to get on this way through the vast deserts of forests and snow with their then weapons in hand, and even now this will not be an easy task, but alright, enough school time,
Biathlon is therefore a rough sport that we can appreciate, not at all like a touchy session of soccer.
We will never be able to experience the persistence of this sport through virtual reality,
we're never going to feel our muscles sour to the bitterness of overuse to keep going, nor would we feel the cold-blooded cold hurt our skin through VR, anything to be the best!
But via vr we can swing back and forth with our vr controllers to simulate this and pretend we can handle it ;)
The shooting part is of course not that difficult in VR compared to the real sport,
you have to realize that when you practice this sport that your arms can/will be very tired and the cold & energy consumption will also take its price on your concentration,
but in VR we can of course also simulate and pretend we are all the best at this.
Biathlon Battle VR is in my opinion a nice VR game that you can't find anyone else about,
what you get to see in the trailer is all you can expect from it, no more, no less, and that's how it should be.
The only thing that is missing in a game like this is an online multiplayer mode, but at this price we have no reason to complain.