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Battle Bugs

Control stink bugs, cockroaches, lightning bugs, ants and more. They are all part of your 22 bug army. Each has its own mobility, strength and weapon characteristics. Use classic military strategy as your insectile troops fight enemy bugs over a kitchen floor strewn with junk food! Fight for dominance, against the clock, or sometimes just to survive. 56 battles, each more complex and challenging, and all with the kind of tongue-in-cheek humour that will keep you buzzing with laughter!Features
  • Use sophisticated strategies based on real military tactics. Simple to learn, but hard to master.
  • 22 different bugs to battle, from ants to flies to bees to stink bugs, all with their own unique strengths, weaknesses and abilities.
  • Unusual pause-to-plan real-time strategy gameplay. Carefully choose your moves, then un-pause time to let the action play out - pausing again at any time to re-issue orders.
  • Humorous military briefings, victory celebrations, funny parodies, and puns. So many puns.
  • Charming animations and high-resolution (for 1994) VGA colour graphics.
  • Single player and two-player modes.

Battle Bugs was created in 1994 by Epyx Inc., and designed primarily by Dennis Caswell, legendary creator of such classics as Impossible Mission and Pitstop II.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Game of my childhood. Still very good in 2021, a bit too easy, but super fun to play. And the idea of you being a general of an army of insects fighting another army of insects for cakes and pizza that some guy forgot on his dining table is very cool.
Game is made with a lot of attention to details wchich is common for 90's games. Every insect has it's own abilities and powers but also it's own animations for moving, attacking, dying etc. There is plenty of humor here, it is not the top class humor, but it's okay considering how old the game is. Overall very addictive and fun, I am so happy to play it again. If you are an old gamer and want to show somebody what games looked like in 90-s this is a good example of it.