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Battle Bees Royale

Battle Bees Royale is a fun action packed Battle Royale game for all. 20 Blimps start in each match and you have to fight and survive to be the last blimp standing! With easy to use controls, you drop in, pop up, loot and shoot your way to victory!

Each game last no more than 3-5 minutes so you can quickly jump in with friends and have a blast!

Unlock and purchase incredible blimp skins and other epic upgrades!

As you play you’ll unlock more customized content, gain XP and collect HoneyCombs for more “Bee-Dazzling” items!!

Choose from flame throwers, ice throwers, lasers, rocket launchers, machine guns and snipers. You can even use fire, ice or honey novas that can cause a ton of damage but use them wisely as they need a 5 second cool down if you want to blast anyone else.Stress Free, Fun, Action Packed Battle Royale for everyone! Welcome to Battle Bees Royale!


    • Real-time action packed 20-BLIMP BATTLES against players from all over the world!

    • AMAZING SKINS Collect new blimps, emotes, weapons and other items as you level up!

    • HUGE game map! Explore each area to find the best spot to pop up and start looting and shooting!

    • MASSIVE amounts of WEAPONS and ITEMS to find, including armor and med kits!

    • Pick up SPECIAL BEES to hep guide you to victory

    • UNLEASH STINGERS as additional items in game to gain an advantage against other blimps!

    • SHRINKING circles will increase battle intensity so GET OUT of the storm!
    See you at the Bumble Rumble with Battle Bees Royale!
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