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Bash the Teacher! – Classroom Clicker

It's time to show the teacher who is the real boss of the classroom in this hilarious idle-clicker game!

Click away to blast the teacher with your chosen weapon - will it be a paper airplane, rotten egg, water balloon or catapult! Earn stars and pimp the classroom - upgrade the class desk, upgrade the teacher’s pets, and then pelt them with your weapons!

Watch as the teacher’s frustration grows and discover the teacher’s funny reactions!
Keep bashing the teacher until they can take it no more! Will they quit their job and who will replace them? When a new teacher steps in take aim and fire, the fun begins again!

Upgrade your weapons for increased bashing fun. Use Paper airplanes, rotten eggs, water balloons, catapults and more to pelt the teacher.

Upgrade the teachers desk items and blast them too! Extra desk items include a cactus, gong, computer and robot!

Upgrade the teachers pets to increase the fun! Pets to discover include a snake, crab, elephant and octopus!

Unlock and bash three different school teachers. Discover all the teachers funny and crazy reactions - will they be bothered by aliens, snatched by giant tentacles or dance with cute penguins! Each teacher has 12 reactions waiting to be discovered!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Easy achievements for those who look for achievements or complete games, just your basic simple clicker game. It has a few funny parts to it, you literally get what your expecting from the pictures, nothing more.

Review from Steam

Bash the Teacher is a really short game. There are 3 teachers ( and one bonus thing to hit after the 3 teachers; don't want to spoil the game), 8 desk items, 8 pets and 8 different weapons to use on the teacher. The animations of the teachers getting mad each round changes. There is only 3 buttons to play this game; Q,W,and E. Q hits the desk item, W throws something at the teacher and E will hit the class pet. The goal is to annoy the teacher so much they want to quit! The next teacher comes in and the goal is the same. Some teachers take longer to annoy to the point they quit.
The game was fun but very short. The last three achievements are time wasting achievements requiring you to hit something 1000 times then 10,000 times and lastly 100,000 times. Overall the game is fun/entertaining and kinda cute. I just wish the game was a bit longer. This also seems to be an android phone game which may be way this game was so short. I enjoyed it for about an hour and a half and almost got all the achievements in that time, all that is left for me to 100% this game is the time wasting achievements. Its a good game just short and its priced fairly for what this game is! I would rate this game 4/5 because it is short and not really a ton of replay ability.

Review from Steam

This is a clicker game, but not just a normal clicker game.
This game takes about 1.5 hours to complete. I know most people just put a clicker on and let the game idle, but really everyone can benefit in actually playing the game. Every teacher has different videos every time they get mad. The videos are so cute and funny. I honestly don't understand why this game has so many negative reviews. This game is amazing and really cute!!
Just do yourself a favour and watch all the freak-outs of all the teachers and get 83 achievements in the process. LOVED THIS GAME!!