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Banished Sir

This is a Medival Fantasy turn-based strategy RPG set in a semi-open world. Defeat multiple dungeons, take on side quests, level up and take a party of your choice on an adventure to save the Kingdom of Valencia!

RECLAIM YOUR KINGDOM! Take control of the main character SirVern, recruit party members and avenge your family!

Make decisions that change the course of the game! Multiple important decisions and side quests.

Choose your own unique party of heroes! 40 different combinations of party members!

End game content - After beating the main story, fight your way through the 7 layers of the Tower of Hades!

SirVern awoke to chaos one fall morning. Abigar and the darkness that follows him had invaded the Royal Castle. His entire family lay slain on the floors of the great hall. SirVern's father had been ill and unable to defend his family. Abigar then became King Abigar and decided to banish SirVern to the outskirts of the Kingdom of Valencia.
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