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Aven Colony

PC Steam Console Playstation Xbox indie strategy sci-fi simulation survival space builder
Discover Aven Prime - an alien planet of deserts, tundras, and wetlands light years from earth. Build your colonies into massive, sprawling cities whilst dealing with the challenges faced when settling on a new world. COLONIZE AN ALIEN WORLD: Build a new home for humanity on a world with low-oxygen, electrical storms and many more perilous environments! MEET THE LOCALS: Encounter a variety of alien life forms. SUPERVISE YOUR COLONY: Provide jobs, health care, entertainment, food and policing to win your colonists favour in the elections DISCOVER THE PAST: A full single-player campaign that reveals the many secrets of this brave new world EXPEDITION SYSTEM: Deploy your team to explore ruins, recover artifacts, and rescue lost explorers BUILD THE FUTURE: Use construction drones to build homes, grow food, mine ore, research and much more!
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