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Autogame Deluxe

Autogame Deluxe is a crazy one button party game for 1-10 players. Take control of a car that you can only turn 90 degrees while the road fills up with traffic, wrecks and chaos!Chaos-filled matches
  • 1 to 10 Players

  • Regular drivers that just want to go about their day

  • Law enforcement bent on stopping you

  • The road filling up with debris, skid marks and much more junk

  • Play with a keyboard and/or (half of) gamepads
ChallengesAlongside Autogame's regular rounds are single player challenges to hone your skills on the road.

  • 20 challenges with special rules

  • Play hotseat to get the highest and lowest score in every challenge

  • Unlock special events to appear in regular matches
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