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Arena Brutal

Shoot lead & blow heads in Arena Brutal, an action shooter that'll put your weapons proficiency to the test!

You'll need to manage the uniquely simulated recoil of each gun, keep on top of ammo & avoid getting your face blown off while speeding to the exit for the highest score & the next challenge

Accurately simulated weapons & an in-depth ballistics system makes each shot feel authentic, acquaint yourself with the large arsenal & fall in love with your favourite piece! *bang bang*

Don't spend too much time gawking however, & don't let the timer run out...

Controls are intuitive yet comprehensive, your flash cloned very healthy & naturally grown body allows an impressive degree of freedom in how you approach each arena.

Run & jump off walls or climb your way over any obstacle, with many arenas containing alternative paths involving challenging platforming

Kickass soundtrack featuring original compositions

You are an operator, have you got what it takes?

Die, die again
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

My childhood was pretty much all flash games and thing-thing-likes were elite, from what i've played, i can tell this is a solid base for what could be an amazing game that could fill that thing thing shaped hole in a lot of people's brains, I've played for about 4 hours and had an absolute blast, but i also wanted to pull my hair out at times.
The weapons feel great, according to the developer, this game was originally a weapons simulator, and it shows, the gun assets are clean, the audio is top-notch and the attention to detail is brilliant.
The character design teleports me right back to sitting in front of a silver 4:3 VGA monitor on a pentium machine back in 2010, could do with some more variety tho.
The game suffers from some issues at ultrawide resolutions (I played at 32:9), you can see enemies spawning in and they won't shoot you from that far away, so it can be quite cheesable at times, but it's playable.
The game can get a bit laggy once you start getting a bit trigger happy at a large group of enemies.
There are other issues that are just early access teething issues, so i won't bother putting them here.
The game is very early, it doesn't have a lot of content and has quite a few issues ('tis the early access way), but from what i've gathered from talking to the developer, he seems dead set on creating a masterpiece, and i'm all here for it, and for the 6 or so bucks the game costs, more than worth it.