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In ANTE, the floor is also the ceiling, paths are also obstacles, and stacking falling blocks also creates holes.

Dual Wielding
In single-player Master Mode, control blocks from both negative spaces simultaneously!

Co-op Support
Play with a friend locally in any game mode!
(Ideally, a friend who thinks just unlike you.)

Blocks on the ground can jump 1 block high!
  • Input towards the ceiling to drop in the air, or jump on the ground
  • Input towards the floor to drop AND lock

Slow Motion
If you're over the CAUTION LINE, time slows down for a last-moment recovery.

Casual: Difficulty starts low and rises. (Control 1 block at a time for solo)

RELAX!: No time pressure, think as long as you like. (Control 1 block at a time for solo)

Master: music changes, your guiding shadow disappears, and you're left scrambling.
(Control 2 blocks at a time for solo. Hope you like dual-wielding!)

No Versus Mode.
No Scoring or Combo System.
No Control Customization.
No Visual Customization.
No Story Mode.
No Online Mode.
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