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Another Sight

Another Sight is a surreal fantasy adventure with steampunk elements set in London in 1899, towards the end of the Victorian era. With an emphasis on culture and character, Another Sight focuses on the emotional development of the relationship between its two protagonists, Kit, a refreshingly intrepid teenager, and Hodge – a mysterious red-furred cat. They meet in the darkness of a London Underground construction site, after Kit loses her sight when the tunnel she had been exploring collapses. They team up for an adventure into the unexpected, with Hodge proving himself to be an indispensable companion, upon whom Kit will come to rely. Kit and Hodge explore a surreal fantasy world, both together and separately, each using their own unique talents to make their way through compelling environments, and to solve intriguing puzzles.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game is excellent, the story is interesting, the puzzles are cool, some need you to seriously think before acting, all in all, an excellent puzzle mystery game with some platforming when you play with the cat.
Once you have finished the game once, you can select the scene you want to go to either to find the missing information or to watch the three ending.
However, it does have some flaws and I will be listing them here so you don't get upset and • you don't give up / refund because you encountered something you disliked.
• Let's begin with the only on super negative one : Sometimes something looks like a platform and isn't a platform. It doesn't happen often and it's almost always with Hodge but how I hate when a part of the area which looks like the rest of the game isn't a plaform this time and you jump to your death.
• Managing Hodge's jump is challenging, especially the vertical one. Even if it doesn't seem so, you can actually move when you jump so stay a little away from the platform above you to not bump your head and make sure to press A or D depending on the direction of the platform, it should do the trick.
• The game speaks of a short jump for Hodge. Never managed to use it, so if you encounter a situation where you jump too far, simply move away from the edge of the platform and jump from afar. Works better than trying that "small" jump.
• You can actually go down a platform with Hodge if you walk at the edge and press S. At times, it's far safer than trying to jump and missing the platform because it was right under the other.
• When making your own platforms with Kit, make sure they are not stuck to each other and to jump above the gap in between. You could get stuck. We all hate that.
• Have a paper ready for the musical puzzles, take your time, you can always ask to hear the example again.
• The color surrounding the guards are those where they will notice you. When going out of your hideout behind one, make sure that you do not stop on their notice range.
• You can walk through the door at the end, if you don't manage to (which happened to me) walk slightly to the left and try again.
As you can see those aren't game breaking issues at all, those are simply little glitches that can make you lose some time. Managing Hodge is challenging, however I do think that it makes sense, only that mid lenght jump is missing that would have allowed things to be far far easier, especially in the world where he is alone.
All in all I had an excellent experience and played Hodge's Journey after it, which is a good platformer game and introduction to Another Sight so don't be like me.. Play it first.

Review from Steam

Its ok game, not to long, i like it because of that! About 4 hours to finished it.
Story is a bit wtf but ok :D