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Another Path

A concealed island extends closer to you. Investigate this mysterious yet mesmerizing desolated land in the supernatural world of Another Path, a single-player puzzle exploration game. You play as Evan, a little boy that deserted on an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean. After getting separated from your parents, you have to find a way home in a forest full of wildlife, abandoned ancient civilization, and a monumental building that invites your whole being. Equipped with an arcane amulet and a determination to go back home, you got accompanied by a peculiar wolf that will accompany you to explore this obscure island, enter the core of the building, and discover its hidden mysteries.Key Features:

Explore and Investigate - Discover this desolated land while keep looking for your way home step by step. Interact with wild animals, pick up and examine items you found, or take a walk to take in the nature

Solve puzzles - Pave your way through the abandoned buildings in the middle of ancient civilization and their concealed stigma

Switch characters - Swap between Evan and the peculiar wolf to understand both capabilities in between solving complex puzzles or exploring unveiled areas

Find secrets and collectibles - Immerse yourself more into the background of this little boy by divulging dozens of secrets and collectibles

Be immersed - Get in a mesmerizing world full of imaginable wonders through the mixture of fascinating music and environment

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