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Animal Shelter: Prologue


About the Game

Save our four-legged friends!

Your main goal in Animal Shelter will be to look after, treat, and give shelter to those under your care. You will have plenty of work to do with the shelter, which will become a refuge for any creature in need and will certainly help in finding suitable future owners. Keep in mind that the future owner-pet duo must complement each other. Your main goal? Finding a suitable home for your pets!

Take pictures

Who doesn't love taking pictures of their pets? We provide you with your own photo room, where you can create extraordinary photo sessions. Be creative, play around, and finally use the photos as decorations for the shelter. This will surely attract the attention of new visitors!

Take care of your pets' well-being

The adoption process is very lengthy and can give your pets a hard time.

Remember to monitor their needs: from hunger and health to willingness to play and love. Special name cards will certainly come in useful. Their job will be to indicate the current needs of your little ones.

Play with them

Remember! An entertained pet is a happy pet! Your pets will spend most of their stay at the facility in comfy boxes, which is why you have to take care of the right amount of daily entertainment and exercise to keep them strong, healthy, and relaxed. Pet them, hand out treats, play with balls or lasers, and they will surely repay you with great trust and a happy muzzle!

Everything in the right place

A shelter is not only boxes: it is also a whole lot of other buildings. We give you the construction mode: manage, buy new buildings, rearrange the existing ones, expand the area - you are in charge! Remember that everything matters, and the spacing of outlets is no exception. Make your decision with caution. In the end, you will be the one moving around the shelter with your pets.

Cool features?

In Animal Shelter, we bet on innovation. You will not find our solutions in any other shelter. One example is the complete absence of noisy delivery trucks, which will be replaced with fast and quiet drones. Isn't that cool? It will definitely minimize stress in the animals that are not very fond of noise, and this is just one idea! Our game features so much more!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Pros and cons are down below) If this comment is going to be useful, pls drop a like so it can be useful to other people as well :3
Check out the gameplay here if you'd like:
1. This game is very has a lot of potential in my opinion. It's pretty accurate to working in an actual shelter (I say that as a person who worked at a dog's shelter for half a year) and the progression feels very rewarding already. I feel like this game could become really addictive given it's going to be detailed enough.
2. The animals are absolutely adorable! Even though they don't have lots of behaviors yet and the models very pretty rough for me, petting lil doggos and kitties made ma a lot happier.
3. It seems like the full game will include a lot more mechanics than demo does and you'll be able to cure animals as well which I'm really looking forward to. I mean if this is going to be animal shelter / vet simulator, this is going to be the greatest game ever made, no cap.
1. For now the demo lacked details. I didn't really expected details but I didn't like some contradictions. For example, you clearly can't cure animals yet but in their bio it will still state that they had parasites and you got rid of them or something like that. Moreover, I personally didn't like how animals just get in some shady van when they get adopted. Like what kind of shelter gives away animals like that, you at least have to know that the person is sane or something. I really hope that this will be a thing you'll have to do in the full game cause getting to meet possible future owners is a very big part of working in a real shelter. So yeah, I just hope there will be more details like that, behaviors and mechanics.
2. The tutorial wasn't clear enought for me. I hope it would teach you to dispose of items as well. Or at least it would let you do that right off the bat. That part was very confusing for me. And the invetory wasn't really convenient to use yet.
I'm looking forward to the full version of the game! I had lots of fun playing the demo and I really think it's very promising. Some minor flaws are forgivable since it's just a demo yet but I would rate the demo at least 8 cute pups / 10.
Hope my feedback was useful! If it was, pls drop a like so it can be useful to other people as well :3

Review from Steam

This game makes me not want to die.

Review from Steam

Really enjoyed playing this, love literally everything the only small detail I dislike is most the dogs look very similar Id love to see more variety of dogs.

Review from Steam

I was extremely enjoying this game and once they fix all the bugs and issues I ran into the game will be great. It's very relaxing and satisfying however a lot of things could be worked on but mostly involving building.
Building needs a lot of work. It breaks constantly while moving buildings around, and my game even became unplayable because it glitched, said I put the Office with a wall going through the middle of it, which then made it so I couldn't do anything ever again because it blocked access to the computer.
There's some weird little quirks that don't make sense, such as needing to pick a dog up to bring it everywhere (leashes don't exist apparently), and when you're building a "cat enclosure" it's actually just a dog enclosure with a hard and kennels lol.
If those things get fixed however the game will be a great simulator and I'm really hoping these issues get resolved!

Review from Steam

I enjoyed this game; however, it needs more work. I think another year of development even.
(I did only play the cats version. This is my review and suggestions.)
Let me start with some positives: I recommend this game to give it a try. The game is exciting; It keeps you immersed for an hour or two until you complete the prologue. The graphics are pretty good in my eyes, and the plot is generally enjoyable, there are a few challenges you can complete to keep you busy, and you can add a little decoration to make the shelter your own. For a basic 5$ game, if they continue with the same idea, It's a great game; however, to make it a 20$+ game on release, I think it should have some more additions as listed below.
DISCLAIMER!!!!!! (Again, I have only played the cats version of this game, I think it may be the same in general, though)

1. The cats need to be more realistic-I would recommend more animations overall. I got bored with a cat just chasing the light endlessly, and when it stopped, it just looped the same animation of it catching it.
2. If you buy a bed for the cat, they should be able to sleep on it, same goes for the tiny hidey-hole they should be able to go into those- There could be more things for cats to climb on such as Cat trees or installations you could add to the rooms (like indoor areas).

3. Allow separate spaces for cats/dogs to come out of their cages. When you buy an indoor area for cats, they can only stay in their cages and want to play with a laser most of the time; however, you cannot if you don't have a grass area. I recommend adding a "Playroom" or a Play Area for the animals. Hence, they have a chance to get some exercise and interact with each other- In addition to this you could have families come and visit, you could also have where some cats get along with other animals, and some have a (Not friendly) trait that can be listed on their cage. If an altercation breaks out, they can have the potential to get injured, which makes the vet even more helpful.
4. There need to be more play animations, petting animations when you pet a cat, they should have more of a reaction to certain petting areas like in real life (Some cats like to be touched on the butt and some head only. Or even everywhere or not at all, as that could be a little goal to get the cat to like you and trust you. It would add a challenge to keep them there for longer instead of spamming them with food and treats and toys until they do.)
5. When they are hungry, you should also have their meow or rub against your leg or follow you, giving you a sign instead of clicking on them-You could learn the meows like when they're hungry or bored or want attention instead of pressing a button to see what they want.
6. When they are in the open, they walk around, maybe play with a few toys, kind of lousy animation in my eyes; I'm guessing you got their movement from some NPC engine where they follow a path Idk, Make it more random, where cats have different personalities- Some do so make the more energetic ones run around, mess with other cats or be crazy. Make lazy cats want to lay on the grass and stretch; make them get pissy at other cats. Any other cats' personalities are just a simple addition to their behavior.
7. Make it where you can SEE the cat in the cage as it goes home and the cage door closes. Same with arrival.
8. Can we hire employees? It is unrealistic how we manage the entire shelter ourselves; we are a veterinarian, janitors, shelter workers, managers all at once! That's nearly impossible, and from what I've seen, there are more animal cages you can buy, and there is no limit to how many; that is just wild to me. An Animal shelter is not just a few animals. It's a ton; otherwise, call it Foster Home simulator.
9. There needs to be more decorations and customization. We ultimately should be able to customize our shelter, walls-floors, paintings, decoration. We could even custom build our shelter as one, combining buildings marking areas, etc., not having limited furniture to office or veterinarian office.
10. We should have a character. We should be able to choose our appearance and gender. As well as see other people in the game like employees, have families visit, have protesters if our shelter isn't doing well, etc.
11. Real adoptions don't just read an email and agree to let it go. They should meet qualifications; most of the emails sound like they want a perfect animal anyways. Most animals that come into a shelter have been abused and need extensive care not to be picked out and judged by their personalities. (even though this does happen, It could be much less)
12. Add kittens, pregnant mothers, etc.- You could extend the veterinary area with this.
13. In Addition to the veterinary office, you could have some that have diseases such as FIV and other things to make the game more interesting.
I'm not even sure the developers will read this message, but overall, these are some suggestions I recommend adding to this game. I understand that the game doesn't need to be realistic in any shape, way, or form; however, these suggestions would overall improve the game, and I think many others would agree with me. I was not trying to be too harsh or critical as I know it is in development, But if you listen to the reviews and make some of these changes, I think you can have a fantastic game. I love animals and have worked in an animal shelter; I liked playing this game because it reminded me of working there. I would most definitely buy DLC and expansion tickets if the game were improved with these aspects, leading to more $$$ for yall too. A good game makes good money and has a loyal player base.

Review from Steam

Any game about saving animals is good in my book :) .
Cant wait to jump on the demo and play some more soon

Review from Steam

Warning. This game will definitely tug at the heart strings of any zoophilist. From ordering all the cat/dog toys you could possibly want for your furry friends ( Just make sure there is enough room for the Cat/Dog in side ) to giving them all the pets. ( If you can't pet an animal in a game then why does it exist right? ) As much as I want to keep all the animals i take in after giving them the most adorable names. ( When i name animals in game I will want to keep them ) It also makes me happy to give them to their ( 2nd best ) fur Mummy/Daddy in their furever home. I'm pretty sure you will paw hours and hours ( Most likely days and weeks ) into upgrading everything you possibly can. So give this a go and be the best rehabilitator you can be. These cute, adorable furbabies are counting on you. <3 <3