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Alpaca Stacka

Alpaca Stacka is a 3D adventure platformer where you play as Paz, a kind alpaca dedicated to helping their animal friends.

  • Explore the island to collect Mama Hen's lost chickens

  • See Streusel, the mischievous squirrel, follow you around the island
CreditsSebastian Baracaldo | Developer

Michelle Ma | Developer

Zafire Dragoon | Composer

Additional Development by Spookulele Games
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Used this game to cheer up my wife (who loves Alpacas) after a rough day. She's not a huge gamer but was able to beat it in about 25 minutes and loved the whole experience.

Review from Steam

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Alpacas are cute and so are you

Review from Steam

I stacka the alpaca

Review from Steam

This game is extremely inspirational and really helped me dive deep into my inner self and become the best version of myself. It only took me 10 minutes or so to complete the game and by the end I was crying tears of joy and tears of sadness. I am devastated that the game is over but I am very happy that I took part in this truly amazing experience. "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". Abraham Lincoln (Probably). I am currently balling my eyes out as I write this review and think about all of the great heartfelt moments I had with mama hen and her chicks. Trying to catch chase really reminded me of my childhood playing tag with my friends, and knocking the chicks out of the tree reminded me of my favorite activity when I was younger which was headbutting a tree at full force. When I downloaded this game I was a broke man who stayed home all day playing video games, but after playing this piece of art I am now a neurosurgeon. Thank you devs for making my life what it is today. I'm crying.

Review from Steam

not enough chicky to stacka i want 103 of them on my back, while on fire.

Review from Steam

The alpaca did a big stacka

Review from Steam

Sex is nothing compared to this.