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Alec Adventure

Traverse through different environments in a bitter, unsavory adventure as a character named "Alec." After being distracted due to his short attention span, his three friends accidentally left him behind in a huge forest. Unfortunately, Alec has a terrible sense of direction. Not knowing his lefts or rights or remembering which paths lead to where, Alec has ultimately been left astray.

Who knows what entities Alec will encounter throughout his mission of finding his way back home. Will he be able to survive with sheer willpower? It's your choice to find out.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
  • Equip your crossbow and get ready for target practice - Fight your way through the different monsters that come from.. somewhere!

  • You got hops? - Jump from ledge to ledge and avoid obstacles in this casual 2D platformer!

  • Ooooh shiny! - Find items to help you on your journey to find your way back!
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