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Action Henk

Run, jump and butt-slide into the glorious toy-filled world of Action Henk! Become a master of momentum and defy physics as you race against a band of ragged 90s action figures! Action Henk is a lightning fast platform-racing game set in a beautifully crafted 3D toy box world, where a cast of classic action figure inspired characters compete to once and for all prove that Action Henk is the fastest of them all! The game challenges players to shave milliseconds off their times by running, jumping and butt-sliding with 5 playable characters across over 70 challenging levels in a game which revels in almost sonic speeds.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Run, Jump and Butt Slide
Fantastic mix on sonic and speedruners game.
Hilarious characters
Fluid animations.
You will have lots of fun playing by yourself or with a friend!
Hookshot mechanics
Easy to learn butttttttttt hard to master
Level Editor
Lots of levels.
Music could be better.
Some optimization problems
Note: Want to have fun? Yeah just but Action Henk, you won't regret!

Review from Steam

Great couch-party game.

Review from Steam

-vin deisel

Review from Steam

Didn't expect this type of game to have this level of difficulty. Was pleasantly surprised. Best part is that it's kids friendly too! You just play the difficult stuff and unlock the levels so they can simply enjoy the ride on the levels you unlocked! Highly recommended!

Review from Steam

Action Henk has singlehandedly stripped me of everything I once held dear.
My innocence,
my family,
my friends,
I was sat on my recliner, scrolling through my library. I saw a game, titled... Action Henk.
At the time, I thought nothing of it. I installed it, considering it to be naught but a timewaster.
I launched it, and the 3 days that transpired afterwards were full of the most scathing, heated, most borderline unfair moments in video gaming i've ever had the misfortune of experiencing.
More often than not, I'd lose a race by a literal MILLISECOND. There is no room for error in Action Henk.
The hookshot segments were where my psyche started to degrade. My wife left me, my friends have isolated me, and my livelihood has been mortally beaten out of me.
This game has taken my soul. It is the icon of mercilessness, and I belong to it. RageSquid are the harbingers of my end, and I transcribe my experience here thusly.
I feel as if whatever life i used to live, and the person i used to be, have long fizzled away into nothingness.
I have now been awake for 6 days. I do not know if the cycle will end.
I can no longer bring myself to eat properly, and have lost 146 pounds exactly. Action Henk is the only sustenance i require.
Happiness is a myth to me, and the only thing that brings me joy is knowing that just around the corner, the icy hand of the Reaper awaits.
I have seen the seventh circle, and nothing awaited me except Action Henk, sitting on his throne of lies and deceit.
In a fit of rage at this game, I unknowingly slaughtered my only son. He was a month and a half old, and Henk is responsible for his end.
He awaits me wherever I dwell. I see the shadows of Henk, and he is displeased.
I stand here today to emphatically not recommend Action Henk for those who wish to remain on this mortal plane.
If you do not value your sanity, I'd recommend you give it a go. If you do, the fifteen dollars you spend on this game will be the last you ever spend.
I rate Action Henk a 4/5. God help us all, and goodbye.