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Aces in the Dust

In an alternative world to ours, only a few years have passed since the discovery of the great capabilities and military uses of Mitrilia, a very rare and complicated to treat mineral. This discovery led to disputes between different countries that have ended in a war and various battles, which we will live through from the perspective of a group of elite airmen sent to defeat the enemy.

In Aces in the Dust you are in the shoes of this elite group, made up of Varick, Dimitrii and Victoria, each one piloting a state-of-the-art warplane with unique characteristics that differentiate them.

You must shoot enemies, avoid obstacles, know which weapon to use at all times and dodge hundreds of bullets if you want your pilots to survive each mission and get the highest scores possible.

So prepare your weapons, aim well and ... finish the enemy!

Aces in the Dust is inspired by classic rail shooter games such as Panzer Dragoon and Star Fox.

Main features:

- Play as a trio of pilots, each flying a unique plane with different characteristics.

- Advance through the levels alternating between the different pilots to face different situations in the most favorable way.

- Take out an array of enemies and a powerful final boss as you advance through enemy territory in a large rocky desert.

- Dodge terrain obstacles while defeating enemies.

- Defeat enemies without taking damage to achieve a good score at the end of levels.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Very very short (literally beat it in 20 minutes) but it's fun with an arcade "railway shooter" style gameplay. Hope it'll grow into something bigger by the end of early access.

Review from Steam

Great F2P game, very good game feel and enjoyable from start to finish.
Only 3 levels, counting the tutorial, but they are long and complex, with multiple choices to increase replayability.
The boss is really hard, but doable, and after only 2 tries I've beat the game. I'll wait for more levels and options, but I'll keep playing to increase my highscore!!!

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

Freaking incredible.
Picture "1942", but 3D.
only 2 levels at the moment, but man will I buy this in a heartbeat if they ever finish it.

Review from Steam

still in Early Access but already Promising, add some Voice Actors and Anime Character :D. the graphics is nice, Love it, UE. challenging gameplay. please update the Aim Cursor, too thin, hard to See. I finished this game without Death in 20 Minutes