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7 Mages

The oppressed peasants on Roven Island hire seven mages to protect their homes and crops. The legendary Roven Island is said to be the place where the gods rested after they created the world. The earth, water and air there are still imbued with magic, which lures magic prospectors. These prospectors conduct savage raids at regular intervals on one of the unnamed villages on the island, robbing the hard-working peasants of most of their harvest. And so, one day, the peasants put together the last of their coin and hire the mages to protect them. The epic RPG 7 Mages in the tradition of the greatest classics of the genre takes you around the magical island of Roven. You will visit gloomy crypts beneath the city, cross an icy mountain pass, submerge beneath the surface of the ocean and venture into the guts of a dead dragon.
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Review from Steam

Excellent and innovative "old-school" type CRPG. Has outdoor exploration, a bunch of unique dungeons, 6 mages to collect + yourself and more. Very good stuff.